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  1. Thank you for the organizing!
  2. I will send Potrien, he is my Fo priest. His faith is 84. May I ask for a summon befor the cast.
  3. It is nice idea, but at 4 am GMT? Sorry I'll skip.
  4. Canal de Brume

    Thank you!
  5. Forest Giant Found!

    \o/ Thanks!
  6. Thank you for invitation! I'll be there.
  7. Thank you so much the organising, it was fun and thrilling.
  8. Comming, thanks for the invitation!
  9. Thank you for the organizing, it was awesome!
  10. I would like a pickaxe with 60-70 WoA. The ql doesn't matter. Please COD to me. Thanks
  11. Hi, I would like one more horse, Pickecker please. (If you have other male not foal I'll change my mind. ) Thanks
  12. I would like two horses, Briskmac and Fastlightning. I'm on my way Thanks