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  1. Sorry everything sold before replies even came into the forum, but I still have the scythe, if you still want, what name do I send too?
  2. Sounds good! I'm on G21/22 Cadence Feel free to DM in in game, I'm KookiePop
  3. Selling a bunch of stuff I no longer need. Everything is OBO (Or best offer) MINIMUM OFFER FOR ANYTHING IS 6s This means offer anything equal too or ABOVE the 6s, I'll accept the offer when I feel like it, could me instant or I could wait an hour, etc. TOOLS - RARE Iron Scythe (92 Woa, 101 CoC) - RARE Iron Halberd MISC RARE bed RARE Forge x2 RARE Loom RARE Kiln RARE Larder SUPREME Wool Peasant hat IF REMOVED FROM LIST, IT'S BEEN SOLD, SORRY, IT ALL WENT FAST COMMENT on the forum post below! Anything that can't be mailed needs to be PICKED UP!
  4. Hello! Looking for a Panfiller to make grinding out cooking less painful. What is a PanFiller? A panfiller is someone who does basically that, fill pans. Specifically for me I'd require ONE(1) meat and ONE(1) veggie in every pan. I currently have like 250 pans, and enough meats and veggies. If I provide the stuff? I'll pay 2s per 1k pans filled. If YOU provide meats/veggies and extra pans? I'll pay more depending on materials and how many provided. Only looking for low QL stuff for this. How will this work and Location? You'll have to come to my deed, Kookie Land on G21/22 (We're attached to the highway) and fill pans here Please be open to spending some time here, since this will be a time consuming task. P.S Bed will be provided as well. DM me in game at Kookiepop or here on the forum
  5. Dang, I thought it said 20 minutes left, not 20 minutes ago xD
  6. I might be interested in a nice building design! Looking for a nice restaurant/bar/tavern on a plot I already have planned out. Please DM me here of in game! I'm Kookiepop in game!
  7. Removing Order, I thought one of the items was used for something different D;
  8. Looking for some Blueberry and Raspberry bushes! Please DM Kookiepop in game
  9. Hey Hey! Looking for a Rare Unfinished or Finished oven, delivered.\ If Unfinished, delivered to the coast is fine. If Finished, Delivered to deed on G21/22 is best. DM or comment on Forum You can also DM me directly in Wurm, I'm Kookiepop in game.
  10. Hey! I'm having the same issue but my saddle isn't rare. It shows on one of my horses but just won't change no matter what on my other. Would be awesome if there was some sort of visual reset to get this glitch out of here!
  11. Hello! Looking for a few items! Priority! Any and ALL Drake Hide and Dragon Scales! DM me prices and amounts! Secondly! - Rare Strange Bone(s) - Willing to take multiple - White dragon hatchling Blood - Willing to take multiples - Christmas Snowman statues - Willing to take multiple - ANYTHING Rare+ - Show me what you have, we'll see Feel free to DM me, I'm Kookiepop in game! You can also just reply here.
  12. CLOSED FOR NOW Location! We're Located on G21/22 Cadence for PICK-UP Can meet at Rhythm Channel at G22 or On the Coast at F24/25 Next to Jealous C Harbor for DROP-OFF
  13. Hello! Can I please get this? You can CoD to Kookiepop in game! QL76 Rare mallet, oak c83 w72 (22s)
  14. If you have an idea for a buyout DM me in game and we can chat! Kookiepop in game
  15. Heyo! Looking to buy rare+ tools and weapons. Enchanted items are a plus SEARCHING FOR... - Pickaxe - Mallet - Sickle - Rake - Grooming Brush - Large Axe - Sheild All Rare or Higher Please Comment on the forum or DM me ingame, I'm Kookiepop