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  1. Hello ! I start a Wurm Online News Project. Its not perfect but i hope you guys like it. If you have some News from the Northern Island, just send me a PM and you are in the next News Show.
  2. when using the highwaysystem and pay 25c ?
  3. Just spawn some "Krampus" Npc on the Servers. Loot: Nikolaus Rod, Krampus Hat, Krampus Chain, Mandarins
  4. SKI for the Wurmianer !!! Dear Devs , we have Snow so we also need Ski´s !! Would be so amazing to use Ski and race against other Players. Craft : Plank + carving Knife = unfinished Ski unfinished Ski + Ski-Edge + 2 Leather Stripes Ski Edge = Lump + Hammer on a small Anvil Ski Poles = Shaft + Leather Stripes Different Skitype - make Ski´s from every Woodtyp Just climb a Hill and equip your Skies and have fun ! Beware !! Low Quality breaks faster and you can hurt yourself ! Ski Controls: W - Faster A - Left Swing D - Right Swing S - Brake, stove the Snow Events : Ski Racing, Ski Jumping NEW Cooking Recipes: Ski Water - Raspberry + Water + Citron "Glühwein" mulled Wine - Red Wine + Sugar + Orange + heated in a bowl or cauldron NEEDS: Body Control 21 ans Carpentry 20 to make the Ski