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  1. On 10/6/2021 at 11:06 AM, Tpikol said:

    getting closer and im preparing my outfit.


    made 2 images of where you are located on the new map:

    server area:

    Excellent cant wait for the start and to see how many people show up ty for the map notation the deed is correctly hooked to the highway as well.

  2. On 9/27/2021 at 2:50 AM, Borstaskor said:

    Just out of curiosity, will there be a 2x2 (or bigger) fenced in area for hell horse carts/wagons to park? You can park the cart/wagon with the hellies sticking through inside of the 2x2 fenced area and they won't be attacking people walking by due to the fences. I mainly use a hell cart and I imagine some other people doing it too.

    Mostly wanna know if I should go mules or if I can go hellies for my cart ūüėõ

    yes pleas for my sanity and the safety of the festival goers and your hellies please leave them at home if you are looking to get your wagon/cart imped, alternatively there is a relative large grass area just off deed not far from the building that you could park in if you are not going to get your vehicle imped.

  3. 2 minutes ago, Darnok said:


    I'm showing you how people behave on a daily basis, and you showed me how they behave during the holidays.


    i and most of my friends on my server act the same as we would during the impalong all year we just have the festival so we can share with the community and all can gather and have fun and gain experince and get their favorite tools imped or be mentored in their skill so they can be better for themselves, the market is player driven supply and demand, if the devs decided to take the "money" out of the economy then trade item for item would still happen


  4. On 8/29/2021 at 4:42 AM, PvtPile said:

    Hey there, thanks for organising this hopefully i'll be able to attend! :D If I can help getting anything together beforehand let me know here or itsyaboy ign, have some imping skills / sac creation for event week too

     it is my pleasure, i would love to see you there, and please feel free to join the discord and continue the conversation there. that goes for everyone that reads this post


    On 9/3/2021 at 3:42 PM, jaytoo said:

    your libila sac category is a bit narrow. we can use any butchering product that isn't meat, feathers, pelts, or coal. so hides, fur, gland, tooth, heart, eyes, and so on all work.

    the on hand required list is the bare minimum for the event, i have some people bringing some various other priest sacables, but your welcome to donate as well

  5. On 8/27/2021 at 7:40 PM, Tpikol said:

     are you expecting people to need sickle blades and carving knife blades imped? why is that?

    yes sometimes people bring rare tool heads that they have been holding on to for a while to get imped and then imp the finished tool 


    On 8/27/2021 at 7:40 PM, Tpikol said:

    how big is the workshop?

    5x5 i have been staff at several other impalongs and sermon groups and have designed buildings for them too. so i am confident in the building i have designed


    On 8/27/2021 at 7:40 PM, Tpikol said:

    you say that you are still working on decorations, it may be a good idea to keep decorations to a minimum to avoid lag problems.

    i have taken this into consideration and i use the term decoration very broadly.


    On 8/27/2021 at 7:40 PM, Tpikol said:

    do you have people on your staff from different time zones?

    yes i just haven updated the staff list yet on the form yet, but the discord is a bit better.

    thank you for your concern just so everyone knows this form account is an alt account i made just for the cathedral deed.


  6. 2 hours ago, Rihanna said:

    Does peat quality matter for the 20,000 needed?

    no ql has no matter in the fule


    1 hour ago, Explora said:

    While the carving knife blade, sickle blade and scythe blade are bladesmithing the completed tools use Weaponsmithing skill to improve.


    You may be underestimating the amount of sacrificial materials needed, at the recent Friendalong on Pristine a total of 718,000 favour was used. For the first Impalong on the Northern Isles my guess is a lot more than that will be needed.


    I can provide the 1000 wemp for you it's already in storage.

    ty for the correction i will make the propper adjustmenst when i update the post


    1 hour ago, Pnutp said:

    Just seen this, great idea and will be more than happy to bring my 90+ channeling,¬†benediction, lib priest as well as 90+ carp and fine carpentry imps ūüėÉ I do think your underestimating the favour and think high QL cordage will be the way forward and will bring some 90QL+ to help get started ūüėÉūüėÉūüėÉ

    as i said before evrey body on the pile counts Neahahahaha we look forward to seeing u 


    ps evreone is welcome to join the discord we can all chat there

  7. 2 hours ago, Borstaskor said:

    Sorry for bursting your bubble, but it will not be the first one on these new servers.

    This was posted almost 3 months ago and have done a good lot of planning and preparation for it already (which can be seen/read on the post itself). It will also happen on october, which is before december, which is why I'm saying you won't be the first impalong on NFI.


     Be Ready for some updates to that post soon too. we've dug up some new bodies and are now working on gathering more materials @wsrich your welcome to join ours perhaps we can work to gether and network and help other who wis to plan these in the future.

  8. 2 hours ago, Borstaskor said:

    Sounds like fun! I'll hopefully be able to help/provide some kind of imping service at that point. It's still a while until october, so I got some time to work on some skills!

    .. If nothing else, I currently have 41 soul depth to help apply some runes if you can't find anyone else with a higher SD by then ^^ (It's at least something a chef can help with, lol)


    Every warm body counts, we still have plenty of time for u to Bone up on your skills and u can still help with grinding item ql up to your max it will help the speed of imping.  i am looking forward to having a wonderfully busy event with plenty of things to do, the zombies and I are working steady on creating games and other fun things for all festival goers.

  9. On 5/22/2021 at 5:01 PM, Smokes said:

    I was waiting for this!  Sweet!


    I'll be there to imp some plate armor sets for sure, could probably donate Steel and Logs as well.





    i look forward to having you if u wish pm any of the Zombies(staff) in game, and join the discord we can arrange donation delivery i check the discord daily.



    On 5/22/2021 at 9:35 PM, gnomegates said:

    I'll bring my Lib priest for Free BoTD/Bloodthirst enchants!


    Also for donations for enchanting, Libs can use almost all the butchered body parts. Eyes, bladders, tails as well. In case anyone offers those!


    Excellent it wouldn't be a good Veil Festival without a representative of the Goddess of death. the crypt is cold and dark just the way she likes it, and as i said before feel free to join the discord.

  10. Festival of the Veil

    (Samhain/Halloween festival and Impalong)

    October 24-30th 2021



    Greetings Fellow NFI Guys and Ghouls,

    Its your friendly Cathedral Crypt Keeper here,

    I'm just dieing with excitement to invite you to one of the first Norther Freedom Isle Impalong.

    The Zombies and I will be hard at work getting everything ready including this post,

    keep an eye on this page for updates. 



    What's an Impalong?
    It's a community event/festival that's hosted by someone on their deed, often times they have themes to match the season, holiday, or hold some special meaning to the host. The word impalong was created long before i became a wurmian, but it refers to the action of gathering and improving items for your fellow Wurmian, it is an event where  crafters and priests from across Wurm join together to improve/enchant other players gear for free. Everyone is welcome to work on their skills at the event. In addition to the imping/enchanting, there are various other things such as games and events, prize giveaways, contests, and sometimes even GM's drop in to spawn a few mobs on unsuspecting Festival-goers.



    (where to find us)

    The cathedral is on the western shore of the heart shaped bay on cadence at map coordinates G23 just north of Broken Heart Bay


    the location on the ingame map


    the location on the community map Broken Heart Bay is misspelled as broken hearth bay




    Event Schedule

    (all times are U.S. central time zone)

    Oct 24th 12am gates open to public

    Oct 25th - 1v1 Tournament Begins 

    Oct 26th - Fishing Contest

    Oct 27th - Scavenger Hunt

    Oct 28th - Rose Garden Maze opens

    Oct 29th Costume contest

    Oct 30th Bonfire and Closing ceremony  


    The Discord Channel

    We use this for everything

    Closed till next year

    The Deed


    The Rogue Cathedral deed is a small deed but has a dominating presence on its little corner of cadence.


    the Cathedral and sleepy monk inn on its side.


    the Community Workshop where all the imping will happen, the Pilgrims Rest inn can be seen just above the Workshop. 


    the Arena (not finished yet in this image)


    The Community Workshop

    (the impalong facility)



    we are still working on decoration so the interior is not fully decorated.


    the forges will all be labeled for each profession and one just for horseshoes.


    Each skill will have its own area to work in


    with all the materials provided in close proximity to that station


    three alter for each god will make it easier for priests to work, pray, sermon, and sacrifice. 


    The Pilgrim's Rest Inn



    from the outside it look like a large house 


    the bar will be open for the festival


    plenty of seating to gather and tell ghost stories.

    The Rooms


    there are 4 double rooms.


    and 19 single rooms

    Room Reservations


    Rooms  V= Vacancy  Please contact Oleonder or other staff members if you wish to reserve a room 

    first floor

    11 (double)~o

    12 (double)~o

    13 ~o

    14 ~o

    15 ~o

    16 ~o

    17 ~o

    18 ~o

    Second Floor

    21(double) ~o

    22 (double)~o

    23 ~o

    24 ~o

    25 ~o

    26 ~V

    27 ~V

    28 ~V

    Third Floor

    31 ~V

    32 ~V

    33 ~V

    34 ~V

    35 ~V

    36 ~V

    37 ~o





    Sparing Challenge

    Naked Fisht Fight:   The combatants will strip all of their gear off and enter the arena carrying only a fish in their hand and will then start the duel (more info soon)

    Trash battle:             Again starting with nothing, entering the arena fighters will equip whatever equipment is provided in the arena then begin the duel

    Drunken Brawling:   (Self Explanatory) Get completely drunk enter the arena and begin duel. 

    The Rose Garden

    The Gardner went crazy, we told him to make it pretty.... well he did its A-MAZEing and now he is nowhere to be found i hope he didn't get lost.

    the rose garden will open Oct 28th at (5:00pm Eastern U.S.)  

    Scavenger Hunt

    more info soon

    Fishing Contest

    this will be a daily contest during the festival so all who wish to participate will have an opportunity (more info soon)

    Costume Contest

    bring your best costumes and ware them during the festival we will have a final judgement on the 29th (more info soon)


    The Rules


    Item Placement:

    Name your items before placing them into improvement/casting coffins, shelves or forges! 
    Double-check which container you should place your items in, and place them there. (Most forges/coffins/racks are already labeled for ease of location)
    Pick up your finished item as soon as possible to make space for new items. (staff or the impers will be able to trade you your items)
    If space is running short, Impalong staff will move finished items to "Overflow" shelves. You will need to contact Impalong staff in order to retrieve your items.

    some commonly misplaced items are listed below


    • Carving Knife, Sickle, and Scythe(blade only) are ¬†Bladesmithing.
    • Finished Sickle, and Scythe¬†are ¬†Weaponsmithing.
    • (Cooking)¬†Knife and Leather Knife¬†are¬†Blacksmithing.
    • New¬†fishing rods are¬†Fine carpentry.
    • Light Fishing Reels are¬†Carpentry.
    • Medium¬†Reels are¬†Fine Carpentry
    • The deep water reel¬†is¬†Blacksmithing.
    • The professional¬†Reel is¬†Jewlry Smithing


    What to bring

    All items a person wishes to have improved or chanted (only one of each item for each player except for arrows horse shoes and armor pieces) 

    only one full set of armor (leather, chain, plate) per person, in addition to one set of wool or cloth clothing.

    you may bring 2 sets(8 total) horse shoes 2 saddles,2 saddlebags, and 2 bridles.

    you may bring 20 hunting and 20 war arrows.

    Large items such as forges, floor looms, spinning, wheels, larders, etc. are welcome.

    Wagons and carts are will be imped outside the building. 



    Quality items are improved to is at the discretion of the imper, but the minimum anything will get imped to is 70ql; if you want higher quality than arrange that via PM with an imper but ensure first that there is not a backlog of other items to be imped first.
    Only items that are 70ql+ will be cast on(unless they are skiller items; if they are below 70ql for skilling purposes name the object as such along with your name).
    Place your items into the shelf labeled with the enchantment you want. YOU are then responsible for moving the items to other Shelves for other enchantments.

    Floor Looms and spinning wheels can be placed for chanting WoA 
    Getting your items enchanted is at your own risk!



    Contact Oleonder or a Festival Staffer if you wish to be assigned a room.

    Do NOT Drive or leave your wagon/cart in the Community Workshop. (unless to drop off a large item for imping/chanting and immediately return it outside.)

    Do NOT abuse the system by bringing in a dozen items of the same type to get improved/enchanted.(this includes the same item made of a different material.)save for certain things like arrows or horseshoes.

    If that occurs the items are forfeit, confiscated, and fed to the beast of the deep or just sacrificed.
    Do NOT sell items that you've gotten improved/enchanted. The pro-bono work done here is not so you can make a profit, so if that is your intention you are not welcome here.
    Turn OFF your personal light sources like lanterns or torches! It helps with the lag.
    If you have any issues contact Oleonder or a Staffer ingame or on the Discord.



    Materials Provided

    (Donations are welcome and greatly appreciated)


    I'm also accepting donations of the items listed below, anything above 73ish ql is accepted and greatly appreciated.

    we are also looking for things that could be used as prizes for contests.

    to donate either pm me on discord in-game or in the forums.

    the need/have are the minimum required amount of recourses I hope to exceed that number.


    Lumps                            (on hand/ Need have)

    Iron                                    2,000/5,000
    Steel                                          0/3,000

    Lead                                 1,000/1,000
    Copper                             2,000/2,000

    Tin                                   2,000/1,000

    Zink                                 2,000/1,000
    Brass                                     600/1,000
    Bronze                                   400/1,000
    Gold                                1,000/1,000
    Silver                              1,000/1,000
    Electrum                                500/500
    (bring your own moon metal if you wish to use it)



    Wood                                    1000/1,000
    Stone                                    2,000/1,000
    Marble                                1000/ 1,000
    Clay                                     1000/1,000



    Cotton String                    1000/1,000
    Wool String                       500/1,000
    Leather                             500/1,000



    Chopped Vegetables                                  27,000/150,000

      (these are based on the new faith and sacking items, may not be just these thing and are optional)

    (mag) Door Locks                                     0/ 5,000
    (vyn) Yo-Yo's                                                 0/5,000
    (fo) Square pieces of Cloth                        0/5,000
    (lib) Animal bit                                              5,000/5,000

    the god specific list is just a bare starter there are a lot of thing that can be sacrificed, its more about the number of items and not what they are.


    Peat                             20,000/20,000

    Wemp                                3,000/1,000

    Rift materials for Runes

     Stone                       0/300

     Wood                       0/300

    Crystals                    0/300



    we have some on hand we are still working on getting more 



    Event Staff

    (PM one of the people listed below when they are online or in local  for refueling forges, returning your items, getting you more imping material, and check in at the inn.)











    more info to come soon