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  1. Hey all!

    Aetheria here, I'm wanting to buy your Lava Fiend fragments! 

    I'm paying 25c per fragment. I'll also be willing to work out some of my targeted affinity booze for larger orders as well if you prefer!

    Please let me know here, or PM me in-game if you have any.❤️

  2. 13 minutes ago, Beluroc said:

    At your convenience:


    Pale Ale - 1.5s/Small Barrel

    Moonshine 2.5s/Small Barrel 


    COD TO Beluroc - Thanks!

    Pale Ale Sent, Moonshine Sent! 
    Gave premium discount pricing for a return customer, as had some on-hand. :)

    Also, finished up my queue! There is now only one more order in queue, so orders for affinity beverages have a much faster turnaround time!

  3. Just now, Kyrah said:

    Mead - 1.5s/Small Barrel, Whisky - 2.25s/Small Barrel and Root Beer - 2s/Small Barrel 

    please cod to Kyrah :)

    I will get on these right away! These will have a bit longer turnaround time due to the nature of distilling alcohol. I have some Whisky on-hand that I will send to you ASAP!
    For the Mead and Root Beer, please note it will be 4-10 days until it finishes fermenting. It will be sent out as soon as it's ready if this is okay!

    Thank you so much for your order!