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  1. Will do! I'll get on fermenting that when I'm home from work.
  2. Certainly! I will get in touch to get the taster sent out as soon as I finish Kyrah's order I'm working on-site today so it may take a little time, but ill connect in game when I can!
  3. Root Beer is fermenting for you Carpentry Affinity added to list!
  4. Hey all! Aetheria here, I'm wanting to buy your Lava Fiend fragments! I'm paying 25c per fragment. I'll also be willing to work out some of my targeted affinity booze for larger orders as well if you prefer! Please let me know here, or PM me in-game if you have any.
  5. Added to the queue my friend. I'll get you the testers next time I'm online, and will work on a barrel for ya when I re-open soon
  6. Certainly! I will PM you in game once I have my testers back
  7. Pale Ale Sent, Moonshine Sent! Gave premium discount pricing for a return customer, as had some on-hand. Also, finished up my queue! There is now only one more order in queue, so orders for affinity beverages have a much faster turnaround time!