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  1. hi! North Gate at 816, 145 tytyty
  2. hi! North Gate at 975, 992 tytyty
  3. Awesome! Gimmee a time to deliver and I'll get them over to ya
  4. Bulk Gems WTS all for 20s pick up or delivery Rare Halberd Iron 10s Spyglass 10s Snow Lantern 20s Reply to this topic and I will check it and get back to you. Please check replies to see if someone already claimed an item. Items will be added and removed as we go. Thanks Muchly.
  5. Auction ended! Congrats Rudie. Please inform which IGN to send it to, and I will get it sent.
  6. ope! good point... my first auction and i bombed the basics. the wurm timer link fails so i forgot to set it up. I will rectify this
  7. rare strange bone Starting bid: 30 s Increment (minimum): 1 s Buyout: 100 s Sniper Protection: 1 hour (sniper prot ends within 2 hrs of close) Private Bids: not accepted
  8. I set up delivery for 1k slate shingles and 2k clay via wagoner. Accept as you like!
  9. Hello! Cripple's Keep O15 cadence is disbanded ty
  10. sending you 200 supports by wagoner. accept as you like! going to make the shingles and dig clay now.
  11. I can do slate shingles and clay .. and i'm working with galen there as well
  12. Thank you very much for doing this! Made an impossible thing possible for me :) [18:21:46] You cut The aged red dragon deadly hard in the chest and slap it.