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  1. Few pics of a castle build on Mythmoor WU Server
  2. Temple of Anubis, Terra Australis WU server (no longer running)
  3. campfires snuffed out stay on deeds, disappear off deeds and a pottery bowl in them to get rid of the A frame sticks.
  4. Some pics of my various deeds, Tulum on Cadence Baldivis on Melody Isle of Three on Harmony Terrae Mortem on Defiance Happy New Year to everyone.
  5. +1 for the extra content this would create. Particularly like EddieGrey's idea of presets too, another game that did that was Stronghold Kingdoms and they had a lot of variations possible. Some way to add HotA statues for nfi pve servers would be good too Archy addition or through maps maybe if there's never to be item crossings from Defiance.
  6. The saying "the worlds tiniest violin" springs to mind when I see posts like this....ofc individuals or teams with more time are always going to come out on top, welcome to the real world. I've never had a dragon or drake armour set but I'm also not crying about it and calling foul. It wont matter what changes are made when its not the games issue but the players available time that really causes the perceived imbalance. Adding more uniques, changing drops and/or who receives loot from slayings still wont change who has the time and who doesn't. Adding scale or hide to the real high end treasure maps might give solo players a chance to collect scale or hide however.