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  1. Ritual of the Sun

    dude...... sent you a message on discord
  2. Hello Wurmians, we are still looking for 2-3 good girls and guys that like a relaxed environment in wurm with other nice and friendly players. It doesnt matter what skills you are focussing on as long as you are a nice and easy going girl or guy. Also nationality, sexuality, age, colour or time zone are unimportant. We talk a lot in village chat and joke around. If you enjoy really nice people around you, then this is the place to be ;). All the best, Bier
  3. Another great longtime player joined us today...;)
  4. I take the rare hammer


  5. Guys, you do realize that this is just an online game?
  6. Hia, we are buying Pizza. Please send me a message when you are a chef and are able to produce high QL pizza . All the best, B
  7. Hello everybody, Im looking for different things: 1. large quantity of weapons between ql 20-25. Also butchering knifes etc. Will pay 5 copper per item. Will pay an extra bonus if you deliver 100+. 2. Large quantity of wooden handels of ql40 or more. Paying 1c per handle. Extra bonus for 100 or more. 3. Iron lumps of low ql. Iron lumps of ql 70+. Paying 35c for 64 kg. Looking for 640kg (10x64kg). Please send me a message over the forums. The products could be mailed to me. Best regards, B.
  8. Condolences to his family and friends. RIP my friend.
  9. Hello everybody, the neighbourhood and the alliance of different villages is great and full of helpfull people. If you want to develop your full potencial as a wurmplayer, then this place is the right place for you. Its also one of the most beautiful places I have seen so far in my wurm history (10+ years). All the Best, B
  10. Annalise

    Its extremely sad to read this...I met her years back and she has been a very helpful person. RP