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  1. ah ok and maybe the lines that they say should become different too to tell them apart from the normal guards.
  2. please can we get some rabbits to keep on the farm. oh and maybe a champ rabbit could be ridden! just think about hopping along on the back of a giant rabbit lol rabbit meat is also very tasty. maybe they could drop a rare lucky rabbits foot that could be used to create a rabbits foot necklace. that would help increase the chance to get a affinity point by a certain small %. rabbit images below
  3. i do play wu as well as wurm online. make a good point about the wagons carts and ships. cause newbies can't really use those things apart from small cart and rowboat. ah! maybe they could be sold by the wurm game for silver. make it apart of the cash shop. a online game forum that i used to go onto started to do that with banned users items for example. they started to sell their items for real world cash in their cash shop. people were pleased about it cause they could get items for cheaper then users might of been selling them for. i don't like pvp. it is too scary. i like the idea that all items will be used again in some way by other users. that's my deal. if the items are locked in a chest or a bsb then they are not being used and are instead rotting away. just think of the good those items would do for a deed that is just starting out. or some newbies in training. that's also why i suggested ways to store items without them being tied up in in world items. a kind of compromise. yes there are lots of spots to deed. correct. but some of these unsightly spots are starter towns. maybe items left by players that have moved on in starter towns could be cleared up now and again to make it look more tidy. or maybe a auto wipe or something for those areas. just to give those areas a nice clean look. welcome the newbies in.
  4. think of this. someone is fighting you with all that they've got but you cast the geyser spell at them. what does it do? it creates drowning damage and burn damage. drowning damage can only be healed with time as you cough up the water. it could also slow down the other persons attack speed and make it harder for them to focus as well. geyser spell would be a flashy high level attack that could not be spammed. would have a high use cost and wait timer. water shoots up and out of the ground at their feet and envelops the character while mist/steam smokes.
  5. what you got against grannies? lol i want to see granny goblin. it would be a piece of wurm lore making its way into the wurm world. sounds cool.
  6. why not just allow them to stay lit if they are blessed and offdeed in any location. then you can also have lights in the grass, in trees, on rocks...etc. would make it much more interesting.
  7. That's a waste of gm time. you know that actually a gm could just delete it right? they have the power to do that. i've seen that control in wurm unlimited gm tools. then allow those wagons cart and ships to be lock picked too then but with a even greater wait time then. here's a question. how long do we wait for a player to return before those items can be unlocked and then actually used again? otherwise they are just junk items with no use apart from as decs. that's why we also introduce even more ways to destroy junk items once picked up. flames to burn carts wagons and ships with steel and flint. if you don't want them to get in others way then lets speed up that decay by setting them on fire after a long section of time has passed. make people aware of the fact that if they leave for a certain long amount of time and their ships wagons and carts are offdeed that they could be burned up and destroyed in a blaze. simple.
  8. how about this. if after 90 days of the player not logging in then you can use your steel and flint to set fire to the wooden homes walls. then it can be gone in a blaze of glory. since wooden sheds are common in game and can also clutter up the lands. give a nice and simple way to burn them to the ground.
  9. i like the uniform and flag more but sure why not. it looks interesting.
  10. is it just a looks thing or can they move faster and maybe have better stats?