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  1. do it! that would be good too for more desert type of themed towns with sandstone buildings and such
  2. I've seen people on the forums say that they were leaving their country because of war or because they were joining the army. The replies were people more concerned about the person's virtual wurm items and checking to make sure that the person had friends who could keep their online items safe. I mean really? What is this massive investment with virtual items? So much so, that the real gets blocked out. If someone falls into a coma, do you really think that the first thing they are going to think after waking up is "I hope my wurm online items are safe" Though, I do agree that the camping outside deeds for months until they fall is extreme and is an addiction in itself. you know one time i had a flag taken from me that i actually really loved the look of. i felt really angry and upset but when i talked with a real life friend, they asked me why i was this upset for? it was that i was clinging onto this idea of it belonged to me. it was a part of me. like my ego. the flag being gone was like a part of myself was missing or had been attacked. like being stabbed. however my friend helped me let go of that clinging and see that the flag represented something within myself that was missing. so i had to find and look inside myself to see what was the real issue that was going on for me. after i did that, i felt much better. so if there is so much investment with the virtual items, why not ask yourself why? and see what you find deep inside yourself. you may just discover something you are missing in your own real life.
  3. i loot items from fallen deeds when travelling around and find places randomly. (i have no idea when they fell though) i am interested more so in high ql items that are better then my current gear and set up, along with bulk mats I need for projects. i hate the slow process of making mats and improving items. it is far more easy as a loophole to take left over mats from someone whos deed has dropped or even someones house in an alliance if the person has been gone for a really long time and I have seen as such and asked around about when the person was last online. because the majority of my items are taken from others I not only feel paranoid that others may do the same to me but then again, I also know that if the items were taken from me, then I can always go and find some more from elsewhere. this is loophole and trying to speed things up thinking. if i went along and thought "i should try and leave a note and get the items back to the person or even help them when they return...etc" no. i can't be bothered with doing that or even trying to keep track of all of that. i take. i use. i hoard + can also use the mats for community projects too. the majority of deed improvements and buildings made in my alliance would of not of got made if i did not use other people's mats. i just find the process of making mats so so bloody boring. i want to focus on building things. i am also not going to lumber myself with guilt over a virtual video game world. also the point about coming back and finding your buildings destroyed.....i've had that happen or more so, people started to destroy a building. so i then thought "okay, if you want to take down one of my buildings then i'll take them all down by myself and then no one can ever enjoy them, ever again" then i press the destroy button on the buildings and a big castle can get boomed in a flash of light. then i move on to a new area with any left over items and start again. then the cycle starts up again. maybe not healthy though....hmm....but it could be the thing which finally helps me quit wurm lol afterall, wurm is said to be hard to quit. maybe when i get fed up with the game "I'm" playing (the cycle) i will quit it.
  4. sandbox games like wurm are great and all but without a story, i feel that it gets stale and boring. just think if wurm's missions were not just some random mess but were instead quests from wood cutters, chefs, kings, queens, royals, theves, priests of the gods, fishermen and even rougue monsters. there are already god avatars that spawn during quests so why not other types of avatars when a quest is active? here is an example storyline, i suggest: the world of wurm started with the birth of 4 entities. first there was darkness, brought forth by the goddess Libila then there was the flaming light of fire brought forth by the god Magranon what followed was the lush waters of creation, brought forth by the goddess Vynora finally the world was populated by creatures and plants of all sizes by the god Fo however things can only stay blissful for so long out of the sand came the gods greatest creation wurmians! these creatures started to create their own kingdoms and as they grew, they become afraid of the darkness. they turned to the gods for help with their illusions but all was not well for the wurmians had cast out the goddess of darkness Libila, from their hearts. this angered Libila but she could forgive them....however, this soon shattered when the divine entities of Magranon, Vynora and Fo had massive temples built in their honour. not only that but the wurmians destroyed Libila's temples and removed her from the story of creation. this sent Libila into a rage and in her fury she became one with the darkness, with chaos. she grew black giant wings and a scythe was summoned from the void. these pitiful creatures would learn their mistake! Libila started to corrupt the creatures of the world to form heartless monsters of darkness. these minions would do her bidding but it was not enough! she had to taint the hearts of as many wurmians as she could by any means. so came unto the world sleep powder and coins! Libila summoned giant dragons and trolls for the wurmians to squabble over. she made the moon Jackal into her domain and created an entire kingdom of demons on its surface. with this new kingdom set, she opened up a portal and sent her neverending hoards of darkness down onto the lands of wurm. this was war on the wurmians who had forsaken her! war on the so called gods of light who had betrayed her trust! so we find ourselves in the fog of war for the lands of wurm will you join the fight and save the world from darkness? or will you become corrupted by the evil in your heart and join the Horde? the choice is yours -------------------------------------- this came about because i've seen so many people say that wurm is a sandbox game and so we should create our own adventures but sometimes i feel that it is good to have some guidelines or missions to follow. i'm thinking of old school runescape with its lots of quests and storyline. even if it is not something as big as gods and goddess's waging war. what do you think?
  5. yes, add it. now. i want to make some money while on a killing spree
  6. I think the servers need to be shut down now for the sake of future kingdom politics!
  7. whats with the first page or more of this topic? did a kingdoms members all join into the topic at once or something? it was a wall of yes within such a small time scale. somethings fishy! i say no to your idea. epic is really cool and massive. you can skill up faster and because there are less people that makes it a explorers dream come true. like a survival game. lots of monsters. how about changing epic into a new style of gameplay. if the servers and the space is there, why not use it and change things up to bring in another new crowd of people? make epic into a true survival zone. stronger monsters with their own towns that can be raided. monster patrols and dungeons in caves. a weather system tied in with the seasons so that you get more thirsty in the summer during certain times of the day but need to find shelter or be near a campfire after a certain time frame at night in the winter until a timer refills. tar could be put into a barrel and then you could drip it out in a line like a jerry can and then set it on fire to burn monsters, create fire walls, burn trees and even burn wooden homes. war machines like the catapult could be loaded with rock shards but those rock shards could be blessed by a priest with the power of fire. when thrown it would be like a fireball. oh and being able to ride spiders would be cool too lol it would be wurm but more action packed, more dangerous, more fear....etc
  8. ah ok and maybe the lines that they say should become different too to tell them apart from the normal guards.
  9. please can we get some rabbits to keep on the farm. oh and maybe a champ rabbit could be ridden! just think about hopping along on the back of a giant rabbit lol rabbit meat is also very tasty. maybe they could drop a rare lucky rabbits foot that could be used to create a rabbits foot necklace. that would help increase the chance to get a affinity point by a certain small %. rabbit images below
  10. i do play wu as well as wurm online. make a good point about the wagons carts and ships. cause newbies can't really use those things apart from small cart and rowboat. ah! maybe they could be sold by the wurm game for silver. make it apart of the cash shop. a online game forum that i used to go onto started to do that with banned users items for example. they started to sell their items for real world cash in their cash shop. people were pleased about it cause they could get items for cheaper then users might of been selling them for. i don't like pvp. it is too scary. i like the idea that all items will be used again in some way by other users. that's my deal. if the items are locked in a chest or a bsb then they are not being used and are instead rotting away. just think of the good those items would do for a deed that is just starting out. or some newbies in training. that's also why i suggested ways to store items without them being tied up in in world items. a kind of compromise. yes there are lots of spots to deed. correct. but some of these unsightly spots are starter towns. maybe items left by players that have moved on in starter towns could be cleared up now and again to make it look more tidy. or maybe a auto wipe or something for those areas. just to give those areas a nice clean look. welcome the newbies in.