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  1. Wood, whats your in game name? I'll reach out.
  2. Feel free to join us if you lookin for a place!
  3. Valholm Location: Q10, Independence Contact MPChris for Consideration or Reply Here Valholm is a unique roleplaying experience. We are all participants in a Grand Strategy MegaCampaign played on Twitch, whereby the players play prominent nobles and people of a Kingdom in Crusader Kings II. But you don't have to participate in that if you don't want. Our presence here in Wurm is to simulate a feudal society, with some players taking the role of Barons and Counts around our Bay. We hope to create a thriving medieval community and economy, and develop Kinoss Bay into a major export hub as we proceed forward. We have several deeds and many nascent industries. Join to earn gold or glory, we will be the community for you! We also plan to host a series of tournaments in our arena (small as it is rn) every Quarter! What We need: -Free-Stead Farmers -Merchant Captains -Adventurers Bonus: If you bring three or more people with you (yourself plus two others) you will be made a member of the peerage (a Knight), and granted a small fief on a deed to prevent decay. Deed: Name: Valholm & More Location: Q10 Indy Size: ? Deed is pretty developed. We have a large set Vinyard nearby, and nearby holdings within walking distance or a small ride. We are planning to carve out a series of canals in land nearby to make an Canal City (imagine venice) nearby as we transition to more of a Thalassocratic Society. What can we offer?: - Active community in and out of Wurm. - Good Alliance Spread over Server - Land for Farming - Community Food Stores for new arrivals -New Arrival House with Guest Beds - A dedicated hird which will search out fallen deeds for exploration, scavenging, and archeology. -Wens Nights I do Broadcasts of CKII and sometimes do Wurm afterwards. The community gets together that night. Lots of fun. I'm usually drunk off my ass on Bourbon, as a good King should be. What do we expect from you? You will be participating in a feudal society. You may be asked to pay in kind taxes. We will not ask for taxes in game currency, though you are free to donate. Discord: Not Required; Strongly Recommended. Most prestigious roles and best opportunities will come from being part of the Discord! Rules: Rules will be Reviewed With you During Probationary Period
  4. I've got something in mind that will bring a good number of players in, and I was considering Wurm Unlimited. However, the $30 pricetag on the client itself is a bit steep. Wurm team, have yall ever considered hosting private servers/islands?
  5. Looking for someone who is willing to design a map for me, based off an existing map. It needs to fit specifications very close. Reply here if interested.
  6. Dice Mod

    Are there any mods for rolling dice? Or possibly a mod that actually adds dice to game that can be rolled? I know we can use the /random command; but id love to have some specialized content for something I'm planning. If someone was willing to do this, I'd be grateful and willing to buy you a sixer and a pizza (by way of $20 to your paypal) for your efforts. On top of that, you'd get a free invite to my game and lifetime premium.
  7. What are some of the best tutorials for a relatively computer illiterate person? I know some HTML and even dabbled in MySQL/PHP; but probably couldn't remember it to save my life. Just looking for some decent tutorials so that I could start my own server. Have a very ambitious project I'm taking on. -Rekkir