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  1. This was a ton of fun! Was my first time ever and had a blast. Saw lots of familiar faces! Hopefully that was not the last time Here were the final standings, not sure if it is customary or appropriate to post this, so let me know or edit as needed:
  2. Huge +1, especially the second point with respawn timers. Would go a long way in a variety of scenarios.
  3. Very sad news. Much respect. You will be missed. Your legacy lives on within all of us.
  4. Best gains in all of wurm (and I went to several impalongs). Fantastic organization and management. The design of the building is great. This place is like that Tibetean Monk Sanctuary that Bruce Wayne goes to as he trains to be Batman
  5. wew impalong 2018 lol You thought I was joking about the 'nonsense' part of my earlier post. Big mistake!
  6. Hey who told you about my history! The reality is now as it has been forever, if you find a "window of opportunity" it is open season. Just don't be too good, too exploitative, or you might catch a ban. +1 something should probably be done -1 to most suggestions in this thread +0 on the balance
  7. (Playing on Closedpools) I have been quite enjoying this! You know it's a good party when you wake up wondering "how tf did I become a Fo priest?" Thanks sincerely to all involved in organizing, planning, and executing this extraordinary event (series of events)! It is amazing how each day feels a little bit different with new faces and new experiences. I have gone back and forth several times, this weekend should be a grand Finale blast!
  8. Even though I swore off this game, I could feel this loss from beyond. Duce you would hate for us to be all mopey. There will be a drunken pilgrimage in your honor to the virtual lands you inhabited, which may or may not involve blackjack and nudity. In no specific order. Your legacy lives on in all of us.
  9. Somehow it seems that if Protunia was the one who had a dragon penned, he not only would not have made this thread but instead would have lobbied hard to keep them penned. Whoever makes the call should consider the larger implications to this issue rather than the preferences of a small, but vocal minority.
  10. You got this error because I am simply too sexy... sorry for you but it seems that it can't be helped!
  11. [font=arial, helvetica, sans-serif]http://www.us-cert.gov/cas/techalerts/TA13-010A.html Posting this here because Java applets using Java Network Launching Protocol (JNLP - like Wurm) are particularly at risk. Time to stop using Java? Not sure about that. Caution is still advised! Your thoughts?
  12. To the people complaining about the lack of power in these gifts I'd like to point out that not only is cloth armour the superior option 100% of the time in PvP and elsewhere, but the game has generally lacked a cloth helmet option so this is a really great gift. Cheers
  13. hopefully he didn't change it because of me