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  1. Rite of Spring

    I have a 55 faith vyn priest I can bring into the mix, as well as a few vesseled gems to spare. Any summons or we are we traveling there ourselves?
  2. This is a pretty good idea. I have alliance members who are in different time zones and would like to attend a rift event but cant because of the timing.
  3. Asked for vyn enchant services and tourniquet provided 80+ on all with one being 102. Quick turnaround time, received my staff less than an hour later. Very nice guy
  4. Sent off a black dragon blood and a white dragon hatching blood for the free potion making, received potions in quick turnaround time! Even paid CoD because my alt didn't have money to send off! Also bought 52ql 25botd compass and received instantly! Thanks again!
  5. Bought 2x 5 speed horses 12/13, very friendly and patient. Thanks again.
  6. I did know about that stretch, i scouted the area out and asked locals before deciding on a route. Should be done in a week or two.
  7. Update: Hi guys, we have connected Cullowhee to the main highway system and have 61 villages on route. We are located on the drawing below as an orange dot. We are connected through Laurenande to the HWY in dark blue, but I havent seen anything mapping out from there to the rest of the route. We are working north toward Omeletopia now which is colored in light blue, as well as placing catseyes down east to get Kinkos connected to waypoint which is in red. The dark green represents the road connecting to the east side of the lake and reaches to Eldorado.
  8. Hi guys! I'm the mayor of Cullowhee, and I'm in an alliance with kinkos and i've been working on the highway a bit. Right now, we have a hwy going straight through N20 that is connected to kinkos. I've extended the road as far west to the edge of the lake, and now am working on an intersection to connect to Omeletopia. We are also working on a hwy going south of N20 to connect to laurenade. I've marked the roads in progress in blue
  9. Hello, I am the owner of Cullowhee, located at 2758, 2538. Please add my village to the map, thanks! We also have a guard tower on our deed.
  10. [11:00:20] The items are now available and you have been charged 6 silver and 10 copper. Thank you! Happy holidays friend
  11. Hi! I would like to take advantage of the black friday sale offer as the first person to respond! Ingame name is Justy!
  12. Hi, Purchased 1x Iron Chain Set, very quick delivery and prompt service, and also very kind vendors! Thank you!