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  1. hello, please send following to Zacharia : hammer, iron: BOTD 95: 90c hatchet, iron: BOTD 103: 1s 58c mallet, oakenwood: BOTD 102: 1s 46c pickaxe, iron: BOTD 104: 1s 75c scythe, iron: BOTD 102: 1s 46c spindle, oakenwood: BOTD 105: 2s saw, iron: BOTD 102: 1s 46c needle, iron: BOTD 102: 1s 46c mallet, oakenwood: BOTD 102: 1s 46c carving knife, iron: BOTD 99: 1s 16c if one is unavailable, please send one up or down, thy a lot
  2. hello, thx for the info, please send the BOTD97 for 1s 1c.
  3. Hello, please send following to Zacharia, thx a lot. carving knife, steel: BOTD 101: 1s 35c grooming brush, oakenwood: BOTD 105: 2s pickaxe, steel: BOTD 92: 72c pickaxe, steel: BOTD 95: 90c rake, iron: BOTD 100: 1s 25c small anvil, iron: BOTD 103: 1s 58c
  4. who knows how life plays, how the day ends.. if i can tell "thx for the trip.." and "always a surprise to listen to your calls..." at the end of the day, the time was not lost, and my wounds maybe heal..
  5. *buuum* this IS EXACTLY was is missing in wurm. i played wurm around 5 months... i like it, i like this way of casual playing. i can work on my deed, another day i can make a travel or anything else... i quick noticed that the community in wurm is very nice and helpfull, but the lands feel empty, everyone is employed or in grind-mode. nobody gets the idea to say: "come, lets go and lets pick some flowers.." or so... well, wurm has the possibilities for this way to play... btw... sorry for my poor english
  6. hallo, WTB for Zacharia: Sickle-QL80+/- C, Small Anvil QL ~80, C, exqu. med. Rug QL 20+ C, Grindstone 70+ C. thx a lot