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  1. [01:50:20] You sense imps whispering your name and saying you have 2 mail waiting to be picked up. That's the speed of delivery!!!!! THANKS You are a good seller and a good person!
  2. Please send dioptra by mail) Thank you dioptra, bronze ~20ql, 105coc - 3,50s
  3. Thanks a lot! Everything is prompt as always. I'm glad you have a wide range.
  4. Please send by mail) shovel blade, steel, ~13ql, 90coc - 1,0s hatchet head, iron, ~20ql, 91coc - 1,0s carving knife blade, iron, ~30ql, 93coc - 1,0s pickaxe head, iron, ~4ql, 90coc - 1,0s
  5. Please COD- gold, 80 ql, 91 LITW(for Champions) - 2.6s
  6. Please COD- gold, 80 ql, 82 LITDa(for Traitors) - 1.5s
  7. Заказывал чары 90+ за 2 серебра, а получил 105! Большое спасибо за быстрое и честное общение [14:58:50] На него был наложен Ветер веков, так что его можно будет использовать быстрее. [105] Редко встретишь таких честных и добросовестных магов! English I ordered enchantment 90+ for 2 silver, and received 105! Thank you very much for the fast and honest communication [14:58:50] The Wind of Ages has been cast on it, so it can be used faster. [105] Rarely do you find such honest and conscientious magicians. https://dropmefiles.com/k9sEc
  8. Thanks to Borstakor for the invitation!
  9. The new name of the village Kaykumu