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  1. Заказывал чары 90+ за 2 серебра, а получил 105! Большое спасибо за быстрое и честное общение [14:58:50] На него был наложен Ветер веков, так что его можно будет использовать быстрее. [105] Редко встретишь таких честных и добросовестных магов! English I ordered enchantment 90+ for 2 silver, and received 105! Thank you very much for the fast and honest communication [14:58:50] The Wind of Ages has been cast on it, so it can be used faster. [105] Rarely do you find such honest and conscientious magicians. https://dropmefiles.com/k9sEc
  2. Thanks to Borstakor for the invitation!
  3. The new name of the village Kaykumu
  4. Solntsevo (2200, 3600) Village name change please Kaykumu
  5. [22:09:55] You sense imps whispering your name and saying you have 4 mail waiting to be picked up. When I receive mail from Dargol Soul rejoice! Super quality and super prices! Recommend Kay Kuma
  6. [22:09:55] You sense imps whispering your name and saying you have 4 mail waiting to be picked up. Когда я получаю от Dargol почту Душа радуеться! Супер качество и супер цены! Рекомендую Кай Куму Sorry for Russian)
  7. You are trying to insult me even though you are lying! I bought the affinity by accident! You sold the same thing! And who is Kaolon and how does he sell his business! Bought from you, you deceived me! And still trying to get out) Although everyone already understands! Here is a screenshot describing your pizza https://prnt.sc/11c5wsu You will apologize and that's it, and we'll close this conversation.
  8. I ordered different slices of pizza from you. You sent the same ones! This is your deception. Then we changed the description WHY? Was caught? Just apologize and keep playing!
  9. We solve the issue amicably! This is not a refund, but a fulfillment of the contract! You didn't suggest that!
  10. You wrote that you have random pieces! And all the lonely ones sent it not by chance !!! Random = Randomness. It is a fact! You do not have a rand in this your deception! The fact that you later changed the agreement is good! Others may not be deceiving already. My version of the story: I buy a lot of pizza so that I had different Afinka for all occasions! So I have 2 refrigerators and a lot of pizza!
  11. I have attached a Screenshot! And I bought from him by random! He lied to me! I am writing my opinion. Your opinion doesn't interest me!