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  1. When normal draft traits add speed, but the (really) rare traits do not, I return to my original question: Is this intended? I must be surrounded by more min-maxers than you. Everyone gladly takes the mules off me to upgrade from bison/horses.
  2. I appreciate the answer but I am not sure I agree with your observations. I breed mules and I do not see how they take more work than horses. Definitely not in the long run. Breeders could still sell sterile mules if they were just as fast as horses. But a 4 draft trait mule without a rare trait being faster than a 5 draft trait horse with a rare trait, that seems weirdly balanced to me. Imagine showing someone all your beautiful and strong ebony, blood bay and appaloosa draft horses and then telling them "But we don't use these, our real champs are over there" and then you point at the tiny mules who all share the same grey texture. They would think you are joking, wouldn't they? That is how I feel about the situation.
  3. I mentioned this before, but it still on my mind. Why again are mules better at dragging carts than horses? I have a 5draft ebony horse that goes unused because 4draft mules are faster. Is that really intended?
  4. I too have been getting plenty of offspring where misc becomes the dominant trait. If they ever made it so that each misc traits adds a 5% extra chance for traits to be active at any given moment, then it would reward high AH skill without unbalancing the status quo in any major way.
  5. The breeding timer in the "inspect animal" window still displays random numbers.
  6. Is it intended that mules are faster than draft horses? Seems a bit unfortunate to me, since mules come in just one color. This would effectively reduce diversity. Of course changing it now would screw over the people who invested time in draft donkeys.
  7. They must still be in shock that we didn't all discuss what VR headset to buy after receiving the grand news.
  8. I would kill a random member of my alliance for that.
  9. Will the "time until being able to breed" timer be fixed in the next patch? Would be really helpful, right now it seems to be displaying random numbers.
  10. Same here, stuck at "connecting to server". Validating files did nothing.
  11. Darnok, your vision is really wasted on all this minutiae. You are clearly ready for your own kickstarter project. I sense a Chris Roberts 2.0 in you.
  12. Hooray indeed! Parents were both 4Drafts. First rare trait bison in roughly 150 attempts.