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  1. Am I correct in my assumption, that the amount of traits that the parents possess in their dominant trait line, plays absolutely no role at all in determining how many traits their offspring will have? I got to a point where I started breeding mostly 4speed horses and the outcome is just as irregular and crappy as when breeding 3speed horses. Same with bison, breeding 4draft parents produces completely random amounts of draft traits on their offspring. So it is all lottery now? No point in establishing a great breeding stock? Why? Can't wait to start breeding the horses with the rare speed trait...I feel I already know what will happen, they will produce completely random offspring, at which point I may just pull the plug on this betatesting breeding experiment.
  2. I can finally provide some numbers on that. Adolescent 4 draft bison on a mostly empty ql 75 cart hit just above 20kmh and 16 kmh when the cart is full. I think I had similar results with 3 draft bison on a ql 50 wagon, about 18 kmh there.
  3. 4speed and 3speed ebony parents:
  4. More volume per container in the cupboard would be my number one wish if this item ever gets looked at.
  5. More general feedback: 1. The only breeding that is going well enough that I would consider it rewarding are the bison. I now have eight 4-draft bison. Of course I fully expect them to be useless compared to horses. 2. For some reason I am now getting a lot of new arrivals at my trait cap. What should be happy news is just another source of frustration, since I feel the need to kill all of them, because they are full of trash traits like "stationary". Makes no sense to breed them since those trash traits would block the draft/speed traits I really want. 3. Breeding my 4-speed horses more often than not produces trash with 1-speed and 3+ misc traits. This is quite frustrating. 4. Having an equipment window for bison but not being able to put shoes on them is just another little needless annoyance. If the devs felt the need for an "easy on gear" trait, then animals should be able to make use of that! 5. It will take months to establish a good breeding stock for draft horses. There is just too much trash offspring with 3+ misc. traits! 6. The breeding timer still being broken 38 days after the patch is a constant source of annoyance. Lots of useless attempts due to this. Fix this asap, it's a huge timewaster!
  6. It would be lovely to have a small cart for hunting and what not.
  7. Got ambushed while meditating today, thought I'd share the moment.
  8. For the first time ever I bred an animal at my max trait cap (70). That roughly translates to a 1 in 150 chance. Not sure, I didn't keep an exact count of total animals being born since the patch.
  9. I like the idea of giving each ship a unique niche. Bumping the sailboat up in utility would also help new players, which surely is a good thing.
  10. Not only quite the straw man argument but factually wrong. It is supposedly two weeks from the last spawn, not the last kill. But looking at Niarja even that doesn't seem to hold true. Why do you argue against a fictional opponent who apparently wants free stuff? This game lacks pve content, and what little content there is lends itself to being monopolised by a minority. There are ways to incentivize making this content more broadly available, starting with scaling up hide loot based on participants or making the uniques harder to kill. Adding tools to roll for loot among participants would also take a burden of those who organise public kills. Being forced to use 3rd party tools for that speaks to mechanics missing in-game. To me it seems that deflating the value of hides is the only way forward to making this content more broadly available. And once it is more broadly available, maybe the devs will consider improving the unique content. Currently they have very little reason to do so, when only a tiny fraction of the playerbase would benefit from investing ressources into uniques.
  11. There is an unfixed bug that messes up timers when you use pre-cut ingredients which were moved from one fsb to another. Could that have been the cause?
  12. Well said. Coupled with the ongoing communication failure I can only think of this dictionary entry as an accurate description of this patch:
  13. You need them to fullfill the ridiculous journal goals.