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  1. May I get the 4ql saw, iron - 83coc // 45c and the 17ql shovel, steel - 80coc // 45c please? COD to Mazrius
  2. Holy Crop?

    Is there any ETA on Holy Crop? Or will it be on another server?
  3. I would like 2 barrels of cow milk, please Please COD to Mazrius
  4. I would, and it has been said by others, the ability to hide the graphic of your helmet. We spend time making our avatar's hair to our liking, but everything we put on our head makes it go away. I have characters that don't even wear their helmets because of this. Please put this option in.
  5. Can I get 10 pieces of 91ql paper, please? 60c, COD to Tahlula please.
  6. I am selling 2 beautiful wagons, both 70ql. Only 5s 4.5 4s each. Coastal and Cadence Highway Delivery available. Reply here or PM in game to Tahlula
  7. We had the same issue with land spawns on cadence near where I live until a person down the road a bit killed off 120 of his horses. Then things started spawning all over the place again. Perhaps you can kill off those horses and tortoises to clear up the room
  8. I had 1 delivery with my Wagoner, Zenari, on Crimson Lake. I got another order. I assigned that one to Wagoner Bob from Hollow Enclave. I later received a message stating that one of my deliveries had lost a Wagoner. I canceled that one and made another for Zenari, which she delivered. The original wagoner had gone on strike for some reason, and is actually the one that is bugged in this post.: This carried over when I logged in the next day. When speaking with a CS about this it was suggested that I Assign the driverless delivery to another wagoner. I Assigned it to our wagoner and the cancel it. I assigned it, but then there was no option to cancel it. It is an empty delivery with no crates to pick up. She is stuck at the loading area. It was suggested to dismiss her, but it would not dismiss her when I tried to. Now if I try again, it does not give me the option. Original Ticket # 220991
  9. [19:28:46] The items silently disappear from the spirit mansion. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
  10. As the title Suggests, I am auctioning off a Rare Fruit Press made from Oak to take less damage. It is 77ql Starting Bid: 5s Bid Increment Minimum: 50c No Reserve No Buyout No Hidden Bids Sniper Protection: 1 Hour