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  1. Does anyone know where the rift is at so that us non Exodusians can find it?
  2. Angry Horse Hater

    I am curious, why no horses we care about?
  3. My friend and I were all over the lands twice and never found anything. Where was the goblin leader finally found?
  4. Cool, we are hunting a red dragon AND Stanlee? Neat. I didn't think that could be done.... Or did you mean "Tonight we hunt, Stanlee" I get so confused
  5. Congratulations, Sidereal, with the buyout!
  6. I am auctioning a wonderful an unfinished Mal-Rehan Guard Tower It weighs 17.5kg Starting bid: 1s Bid increment: .50s Buyout: 5s Private Bids: Not accepted Pigs, Grape bush, and BSB not included. It turns into this
  7. I met a new friend today!
  8. Does anyone have the coords of the rift location that starts tonight? If so - can you post them please? Thanks
  9. Where should I park the boat and hit the highway?
  10. Time to kill?
  11. Could I see what the PMK wagons look like and get a price on them, please? I am newish to SFI and don't know what any of the Chaos PMK things look like.
  12. And here I was hoping for a unique....
  13. Please Close

    I have crap fighting, but a good weapon and armor. I'll be there!,,,,,, Wait. Saturday? DAMN I have something else scheduled
  14. I am unable to log in on my main character, Mazrius. Whenever I try I can make it all the way to connecting to server then the game closes and I get the following message in an error box: The when I was able to log in the other night and last night with him I had major issues and had to put a ticket in for those as well; gear missing, unable to move boat, unable to get off of boat, and mulitple other things. corresponding ticket with the rest of the errors with the character is #64081
  15. This occurs on my orange wood end table. It is very dark instead of the orangewoood color