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  1. Thanks for coming all! Henry maybe we'll catch you next time!
  2. The cast will be done at 3:30-4:00 central time at the Fort Hood chapel, Q12 today
  3. Holy Crop time! Can cast from the Fort Hood chapel right off the shore at Q12 or i can travel to whatever location If anyone needs for journal or wants to offer their favor, join the fun. I don't want to leave anyone out who'd like to join so post times/days are good and let's plan it ~Mizz
  4. I have a 95 faith Mag as well that can help
  5. Still needing more? I can sail over
  6. So that should be 4pm central time, will try and be there, thanks for this!
  7. [14:50:54] As the Holy Crop ritual is completed, followers of Fo may now receive a blessing! Thank you for coming!
  8. Hello! Holy Crop is ready to go, we are planning for 3pm (central) tomorrow, Sunday the 24th....probably at the Fort Hood chapel Q12...if anyone is interested
  9. Not sure this has been mentioned before, but I think having some kind of astrology skill and tools to go with it would be pretty cool, i do love seeing the planets in Wurm...
  10. This is great, should definitely add more tapestries
  11. my cart hellies were "super horses" to me ...just sayin...
  12. Hi, we came to the deed but most gates were locked...there was one open, was that the pen where the free horses will be? Thanks
  13. Public Sermon Group

    Was just curious if this group is still around and active?
  14. I am over at S23 where i was doing sermons, does it look like cast will still happen? ~Mizziry
  15. Is this still happening? I was just told about this, i can come help ~Mizziry
  16. Hiya! yes im aware now you are on the other side of the world from us hehe and i completely understand needing the beauty sleep....thank you very much!
  17. Hello! I am interested and found your place :) but noone is online and need permission...what time will someone be available? It is currently just after 4pm central US time....thank you!