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  1. Thank you again for successfully attaching runes to my steel tools, very fast turnaround and it even comes with a QL improvement too!
  2. Rift 20210224

    Thanks for a great rift run, sad we could not kill the warmaster.
  3. Still selling this mortar if anyone is interested.
  4. I have a picnic basket for sale, tried contacting you but you were not online.
  5. I still have this mortar to sell if anyone is interested
  6. paste this message to the forum : WMADD LatLng(342.159948, 597.5)=Xabz Hideaway ; mailbox, guardtower
  7. I have 200 grape sprouts I can sell but I do not have transport to cadence.
  8. Forest Giant Slaying

    It must be one of those, unless its a dragon of some sort...
  9. Selling 3.6k mortar for 14s pickup or 15s delivery to harmony mainland only. All sold out check back later