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  1. Huge axe, iron, 70ql, 80nimb, 71LT, 84coc, 96ms - 15s COD To Kania, please
  2. Located at p16 cadence Rowboat (1 in stock, taking orders) 1 Cedarwood in stock 2s Delivered 1s Pickup Sailboat (1 in stock, taking orders) 1 Cedarwood in stock 4s Delivered 3s Pickup Corbita (2 in stock, taking orders) 1 cedarwood in stock 1 Lingonberry in stock 8s Delivered 6s Pickup Cog (0 in stock, taking orders) 15s Delivered 12s Pickup Knarr (0 in stock, taking orders) 27s Delivered 25s Pickup Caravel (0 in stock, taking orders) 38s Delivered 35s Pickup There is currently 0 order(s) in progress, with 0 pending. Overland transport/delivery is possible for an extra fee Support Beams: 7s per 100 CRATES! Large Crate - 30c Creature Cage - 80c Small Crate - 10c Carpentry Tools: 50ql - 25c 60ql - 40c 70ql - 60 c 80ql - 1s Pm Kania for any questions or concerns!