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  1. Hello, i have the Problem that Wurm Unlimited reconaise my Logitech G502 Hero as a 5 Button Mouse but the Mouse has 6 Buttons more than the left, right und Mouse Wheel. My question is, is there a chance to change so i can use all buts and set it as hotkeys ?
  2. Hello, i play on Creative Vanilla Map and i dont see the Altar lights. End Game Items is active and in the Logs it loaded 2 Alter but i cant see no Black and White Lights. Has anyone a idea what this can be ?
  3. Use the Modlauncher other Ports than the "normal" Game ? If i start it with the unpatched Server Launcher.exe then it showed up in the Internet Server List but if i start the modlauncher.exe or the Server Launcher-pached.exe then it not showed up in these List. Can you understand my Problem without Mods it can see the Server and can join but with Mods loaded it dont showed up ? Edit: I have found a solution for my problem...i just delete the old unpached WurmServerLauncher.exe Server and rename the WurmServerLauncher-patched.exe to WurmServerLauncher.exe. And now i can see my Server in the List und can jion again with Mods.
  4. Hello, i first lunch the Server and it showed up in the Serverlist, later i wanted to use some Mods(Server mod loader + priest + crops + seasons + server packs + bag of holding), then i executed the patcher.bat and now it want showed up anymore. I delete all and downloaded again with Steam but it want showed up anymore too (as Vanilla Server). I really dont now want i can do now.