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  1. Honestly, I would remove the "decent" completely. The concept of "decent" is never used besides the missions. There are no in-game mechanics behind it. If just sacrificing items is a too simple task, some mechanics can be added to it. The ones that exist in the game, like blessed or painted, or create some new mechanics connected with sacrificing. Also, there is an option to save that quality option and use the "transmutation liquid" mechanic, where there is the total quality that matters. Something like "Sacrifice leather boots with a total of 5000ql." It may create an issue with the counting of participation, but I guess it is fixable. It can be something like 0.5 karma per quality or something. There is also an issue with the broken percentage counter. It must also be fixed.
  2. West Island Bridge [1351,2139], [1612,2139]
  3. After months of work, West Island Bridge is finally completed and now adds another route between western and central islands of Harmony. Feel free to use it, and have a safe travel! I want to thank Rihanna. You did a tremendous amount of work, and I am very grateful for your help. Without you, it would take forever to finish the bridge. Also, I want to thank everyone else who provided their materials or, in some other way, helped with the construction of the bridge. Big thanks to Minixcaliber, Luttuosaa, Davihh, Legelig, Sopi, Keening, Weslock, Thalon, and Dasmyhammer. (I hope I did not forget anybody. If so, please send me a private message. I want to mention everybody here.)
  4. Please move: Orangewood Heights [2934, 1860] Stoney Acres [2832, 1988]
  5. Thank you very much for the update! Also, some of the deeds moved to the wrong location. I double-checked the coordinates and they seem fine. Can you please fix them? Apart from that, I have a market stall with a merchant at Hoverlyelle. Can you please add that to a deed mark? Thank you.
  6. Please update some deeds' locations: Hoverlyelle [2306,2088] , Market Laguna Glades [2296,1848] Kraven's Rest [2345,1921] Ordinem [2463,2015] Danielle [2385,2150] Humunculus-village [2472,2188] Bliss [2324,2336] Quintesse [2457,2305] Lost Looking For Harmony [2453,2363] Harmony Bay Market [2439,2473] Sunny Side [2342,2367] Harmony Homestead [2337,2401] Connacht [2534,2294] Red Hq [1889,1756] Hillside Hallows [1755,1706] Please add: Ruins Garden Drones [2430,2092] Lirialville [2329,2234] Harbor [2389,2555] Entrana [2466,2117] Please remove: The Waffle Brothel (it was disbanded as -Contact GM Team for a Proper Rename)
  7. A savage troll king attacked my alliance members. Now they are safe and waiting for revenge. You are welcome to come and help us! When? Saturday, January 29, 3 PM ET Where? Central Harmony. Use the highway system to Libiland. Please leave your tents on the peat hill. You will get Troll king blood (Ointment of stonecutting) The title "Trollslayer" (If you do not have one already) Rules Do not enter the slaying pen with wagons and hell horses. Do not forget to collect all your belongings after the slaying. Have fun!
  8. There were around 9 veins on the way and sides. All of them were removed.
  9. You did not ask, but after months of mining and crafting, the tunnel through the Mountain of the First Rift is now open and safe to walk through. (The map is a "little bit" off, so I marked the existing highways with orange. I guess we will fix it after the new official dump release) I have started this highway almost a year ago and started the active work on the tunnel around two months ago. Now the tunnel is open. Big thanks to Rihanna for helping with mining. I appreciate your help. Also, special thanks to Antongalaktiki for some Strongwall casts and Blpolarbear for Strongwall casts and surface mining. Update All the tunnel walls are now cladded with stone bricks
  10. Will the map be updated? https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1xfibdE08xkjUQ762DWalyT5rD1twV0_7