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  1. There were around 9 veins on the way and sides. All of them were removed.
  2. You did not ask, but after months of mining and crafting, the tunnel through the Mountain of the First Rift is now open and safe to walk through. (The map is a "little bit" off, so I marked the existing highways with orange. I guess we will fix it after the new official dump release) I have started this highway almost a year ago and started the active work on the tunnel around two months ago. Now the tunnel is open. Big thanks to Rihanna for helping with mining. I appreciate your help. Also, special thanks to Antongalaktiki for some Strongwall casts and Blpolarbear for Strongwall casts and surface mining. Update All the tunnel walls are now cladded with stone bricks
  3. Will the map be updated? https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1xfibdE08xkjUQ762DWalyT5rD1twV0_7
  4. We cannot believe that, but it happened, and Giant Forest Floppa is back, back again. Hidden underground, he is ready for a new battle. When? Saturday, June 19, 2 PM ET Where? Harmony, 10-15 minutes walking from Heartland. (A totally different place from the last two times). Information about the exact location will be posted here one day prior to the slaying. You will get Forest giant blood (Potion of woodcutting) The title "Giantslayer" Rules Do not enter the slaying pen with wagons and hell horses. Do not forget to collect all your belongings after the slaying. Have fun! P.S. Thanks to Auxospore for helping with capturing the beast. Special thanks to Sinnjinn and our FUNK team. In case of unforeseen situations, all changes will be posted here.