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  1. Special Place: Last Stand Of Wisdom [1222, 1991]
  2. WurmNode

    Hey Drogos. Can you make it possible to see history of all past rite casts, founded deeds, disbanded deed per server and per cluster, as it was on Niarja? Add expand button or something for each group.
  3. Congratulations Euxauc! What is your in game name?
  4. Tired of being frozen on the Rifts all the time? This frost protection set may save your life! Starting bid: 1s Minimum increment: 1s NO reserve NO buyout NO private bids Sniper protection: 30 min
  5. Many in-game cooking recipes have optional ingredients that may only be unlocked when added to a meal and cooked, which makes them very hard to define. My suggestion is to make it possible to unlock them during cooking or eating a dish. For example, I open the "Meat burger" by lore option, and it has many optional ingredients that I do not know. I cook more of them, and with some little chance, I open one of the optional ingredients and get a message, something like "You realized that you can also add chopped onion to a meat burger." The chance can be relatively low, like 5% or something. It can also be added to eating actions with much less chance, only when the main recipe is unlocked. (I also like the option of unlocking recipes while you eat dishes, with a tiny chance, but it is a separate question.) This ability may be connected to the cooking skill. For example, at 20 cooking you get a chance of 2% to unlock an optional ingredient during cooking, at 30 you get 5% during cooking and 0,08% during eating, etc. All the numbers I use just as an example, so they can be any that will make the system work.
  6. I mean it seemed apparent to me that it is a highway issue from the dialog with Nordlys, but I guess you are right - it is better to double-check. Here it is: The left tile without highway protection, and the right tile with protection. Improving the left tile. Improving the right tile.
  7. Are trying to say that I have to remove 300 cateyes each time I want to improve the bridge, then make 300 new cateyes and replant them? I guess it may be more reasonable to just fix the bug.
  8. I have tested it on the stone bridge with a stone brick pavement. It also replaces pavement instead of improve/repair.
  9. I guess the key factor here is the highway since only when the bridge is paved, and has a highway, it has a "replace paving" option, which triggers when you try to improve or repair it. Someone must check how it works on a not paved bridge with a highway.
  10. When I try to improve or repair a paved bridge with a highway it replaces pavement instead.
  11. Guard towers: [1601,1858] Toadlin 402 [785,2067] Bakit 914 [513,1751] Aelitilgail 378
  12. Guard towers: [2871,2539] Fibanachii 922 [2878,2593] Pinellas 106
  13. Honestly, I would remove the "decent" completely. The concept of "decent" is never used besides the missions. There are no in-game mechanics behind it. If just sacrificing items is a too simple task, some mechanics can be added to it. The ones that exist in the game, like blessed or painted, or create some new mechanics connected with sacrificing. Also, there is an option to save that quality option and use the "transmutation liquid" mechanic, where there is the total quality that matters. Something like "Sacrifice leather boots with a total of 5000ql." It may create an issue with the counting of participation, but I guess it is fixable. It can be something like 0.5 karma per quality or something. There is also an issue with the broken percentage counter. It must also be fixed.