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  1. *bump* I would like feedback from the development team on this. Seems stupid to have it not add the recipe just because I am not online at the time. Especially since it takes several days to ferment.
  2. Can we also please get an updated Known Bugs list? The one in Server Bugs section hasn't been updated since 2016, so is a bit out of date.
  3. All of the missions on Cadence show the old region indicators.
  4. I have been making a number of beverages and if I am offline when they go from unfermented to the next stage, the recipe isn't added to my cookbook. Examples: unfermented mead became mead while I was offline and the mead recipe was not added to my cookbook. unfermented vodka became undistilled vodka and the undistilled vodka recipe was not added to my cookbook.
  5. Anyone interested in getting this cast on Cadence? Last time it was cast was 118 days ago. I have a 100 faith priest and need the journal entry, so let's see if we can get this organized.
  6. I agree, people should be able to respond with a price to a price check in trade chat. I personally use the trade chat logs to check for prices on items and only post a price check if I can't find any pricing. Having prices sent via PM only harms the community in general. Not only will there be more posts looking for price checks on the same items, but it will allow for "shady" people to scam others by saying the item is only worth a few copper and they will buy it off of them when it is really worth a lot more. How about getting more moderators to enforce the non-trade related chat rules instead of punishing the rest of the community by not allowing the pricing information to be public knowledge?
  7. So, there is no option to launch the test server from the steam client? We have to download a different client to try out the changes on the test server?
  8. I am having the same issue. Was online earlier, logged out to grab some dinner, came back and now keep getting this same error message.