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  1. Thank you guys for the entertaining and positive suggestions. I went ahead and added some of them to the post.
  2. The Highway ranger is a cross between a Wagoneer and a guardsman. They can be purchased at a trader or with marks and deployed in much the same way as you would a trader or Wagoneer. The highway ranger will protect its owner/deed/alliance (If Permissions are shared) while traveling along a cats eyed Highway.
  3. A large Undisclosed Moon-Metal Vault that prevents decay. It is cemented with concrete into the cave wall and planted firmly in place. Magical Vaults can only be deployed inside a cave that has been prepped for the vault. 5 tiles need to have support beams one in the center and one to each side. Place the vault and then use concrete to permanently secure the vault. A vault would contain 4x more then a large magical chest. And would have shelves like an LSU. Can be bought at a trader for 80s or with 80,000 loyalty points. Thanks for the suggestions and tips guys I made a few edits based on the feedback. 7/4/2021 22:00utc0
  4. I have a 60x72 plot of land located at N25 on cadence. I am looking for a few people to hang out with while we work together to develop this land. I have spent quite a bit of time terraforming the area so it can accommodate a tightly packed city with back alleys and courtyards. We are also planning a large underground dwarven cavern with ship building docks and a blacksmithing/Masonry workshop/warehouse. Plans are in the works to mine out a boat cave/highway from N25-N23 granting easier access to the inner lakes of cadence from the east coast. Send me a Pm if interested. SteliosKontos Discord is CousinDaddyBro#4470
  5. WTS 4* Marble Brazier pillars 70ql 5s each pm SteliosKontos
  6. I discovered that if I place a light source on top of a magical chest the light source gains almost triple the brightness. The basis of the scientific method is repeatable results. I have tested this out in a few locations with different items. I was wondering if any of you would like to share your results as well. And maybe we can figure out what kind of voodoo is being done here. Looks like it works on Golden Altars as well.