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  1. Auctioning a silver anchor necklace, a rare unique reward from treasure hunting! The coolest drip in all the lands! Here underneath is a picture with me wearing the necklace and nothing else Starting bid: 2s Increment (Minimum) 1s 30 minute sniper protection
  2. butchering knife blade, iron, ~ql21, 92 coc- 1,0s carving knife blade, iron, ~36ql, 95woa - 1,0s lump, iron, ~84ql, 95coc - 1,0s heart, ~60ql, 99coc - 1,0s metal brush, iron, ~13ql, 93coc - 1,0s needle, iron, ~22ql, 97coc - 1,0s scissors, iron, ~13ql, 96coc - 1,0s shovel blade, iron, ~16ql, 94woa - 1,0s trowel blade, iron, ~21ql, 97coc - 1,0s chisel blade, iron, ~21ql - 96coc - 1,0s wild cat pelt 100ql, 97coc - 1,0s Cod the items to Munckin Please ^^
  3. Auction has now ended, congratulations Synjor on your newly aquired supreme strange bone fragment ❤️
  4. Auctioning this supreme strange bone fragment, that when combined can be used to make any item in the game supreme rarity! Combinging this fragment with any strange bone fragments will make the final strange bone be of supreme rarity, as confirmed by Sheffy Starting bid: 1g Increment (minimum): 1s Buyout: 4g Sniper Protection: 30 minutes Private Bids: Accepted
  5. Ill be there with my huge 2hander!
  6. Hello, may i ask for Silver huge axe ql 70+? With Nimble 90+ and Venom 70+ Cod to Munchkin, Ty!