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  1. OP stands for original poster, I gather that he no longer plays but can’t answer your other questions as I don’t know.
  2. Llyn Muda @ about 2269,1294 has merged with Muda (already on the map) - you might like to move the Muda marker on the map from 2181,1304 to about 2216,1291 as that would be more central to the deed Also it looks as if the Seri874 tower (2300,1475) is in the wrong place - there isn't a tower there. There is a missing one nearby named Moteandbailey 826 (Plonky Donky Ville West - I18) at 2260,1470
  3. This is true, my wife has stumbled across two dragons while being out and about on Cad. The first “ambushed” her from a ruining building and turned into a private killing for our alliance. The second a couple of months later was in a forest when she was looking for meteorites and was, I believe, the first public dragon slaying on Cad - I know that so many people attended lots with alts that the lag was awful with getting home afterwards almost impossible as the terrain didn’t Rez. She hasn’t found one since but keeps hoping to find another while exploring. When out and about I tend to keep an eye open for uniques, not hunting them but just looking for side to side as it were and hoping that one day I might spot one.
  4. Thank you, it's much appreciated
  5. I'm not sure if this is a bug or not (and even if it is I am sure that there are bigger problems that you are looking at ) but examining an apple tree that is in fruit says "[12:43:56] You see a very old Apple tree. The tree has some fine green apples." The "issue" is that the apples that are on the tree are red (at least on Cadance they are).
  6. The problem with limiting by IP address is where you get people like my wife and I who would be using the same IP address (and I'm aware of other couple who play Wurm) as we both play from home. There are times where we both need two toons in world, my wife's alt is a Fo priestess for example and is used when breeding agressive creatures with her main and I may be doing something on deed upkeep that needs, or at least is easier to do with, two toons in world.
  7. I cast truehit on an alt that has the newbie buffs to try to improve my low level of channelling as a Lib priest and when examining him I got the following messages [18:22:32] Newbie agg range buff has been cast on it, so it has (INVALID ENCHANTMENT, REPORT THIS AS A BUG!) [100] [18:22:32] Newbie food and drink buff has been cast on it, so it has (INVALID ENCHANTMENT, REPORT THIS AS A BUG!) [100] [18:22:32] Newbie healing buff has been cast on it, so it has (INVALID ENCHANTMENT, REPORT THIS AS A BUG!) [100] [18:22:32] Truehit has been cast on it, so it has combat vision and aiming. [2] It says to report it as a bug so I am
  8. Long existing boat tunnel that seems to no longer be on the map : 2163, 1332 to 2256, 1332 (runs East / West )