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  1. Another order Could you sendd a couple of the saws to moteandbailey please? QL 70 BOTD 66 - 86c (iron) QL 70 BOTD 66 - 86c (iron) Many thanks
  2. Could I get the following (COD to moteandbailey please) Hatchet : QL 3 BOTD 67 - 93c (steel) Rake : QL 19 BOTD 55 - 45c (iron) Shovel : QL 70 BOTD 69 - 89c (iron) Stone Chisel x 2: QL 70 BOTD 67 - 87c (iron) QL 70 BOTD 67 - 87c (iron) Many thanks
  3. Could you send the Hell Horse Fragment to Heddwyn please?
  4. Could I have the unicorn fragment? COD to Heddwyn please
  5. a belated thank you Could I also have the three Drake fragments - sent to Heddwyn as last time
  6. Hi there, Could you C.O.D. the following to Heddwyn :- Drake Fragment x 1 Unicorn Fragments x 2 Hell horse fragments x 4 Thanks
  7. Could I have the Drake fragment please? In game name is moteandbailey. Thanks
  8. The following have been disbanded (around the lake I am on) : Hermitage TwitchTvActive SirPow's Homestead Awakatanka (see a post above from the mayor) Also Plebsville has been replaced another deed (not sure of the name atm) There is a tunnel (two tiles wide) between the two lakes going N/S at 2094,1239 to 2094,1280. (it runs between Glasfryn/South Glasfryn and East Glasfryn Finally, a new deed Lake's End at 2179,1181 and another newish deed at 2013, 980 called Aeldan's Crossing Cheers
  9. All received, thank you. As Arnie says "I'll be back"
  10. Could I have : Pickaxe : QL 3 BOTD 64 - 90c (steel) Trowel : QL 51 BOTD 57 - 46c (iron) Shovel : QL 51 BOTD 59 - 48c (iron) Hatchet : QL 2 BOTD 57 - 46c (iron) CoD to moteandbailey please
  11. Ymylon Dyfroedd has been founded (a couple of weeks ago) at and around 1988, 1216 Also East Glasfryn at 2112, 1239 Thanks There's also roads both sides of the lake near East Glasfryn / Glasfryn towards Stillwater Cove - I'll try and get the co-ords for you
  12. South Glasfryn : 2073, 1278 deed with a guard tower