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  1. This was me like 2 weeks ago and I live half an hour north of Sonata. Champ trolls, champ spiders, too many hell hounds, etc. Just way too many!
  2. hammer, 70-79 CoC, iron CoD to Lexin, thanks!
  3. CoD to Lexin please: rake, 70-79 cast, iron grooming brush, 70-79 cast, oak Prefer them low ql Thanks
  4. Spirit Gate Mission

    I've got 1k bricks stockpiled and got 40 masonry. I found a lot of gold veins around our area. We've got 1 in out tunnel as well.
  5. Spirit Gate Mission

    I'm interested! This will require tons of materials though. I think the toughest bit would be the gold lumps.
  6. On Hiatus

    Hello, please CoD to Lexin: 5.00QL clay shaper, oak CoC70 - 83 copper ~5ql spatula, oak CoC70 - 83 copper
  7. On Hiatus

    Hello, please CoD to Lexin: 24.70QL carving knife blade, iron CoC73 - 95 copper ~35QL file blade, iron CoC71 - 87 copper ~13ql mallet head, oak CoC73 - 95 copper 75.79QL wild cat pelt CoC75 - 1.03 silver