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  1. Hi , i think i calculated my spot wrong. i and my neighbour think i am a bit more north on : 430,1820 ( Dryfit harbour )
  2. Saddly i have to say that settlement awakatanka does not exist anymore on cadance. I moved to Harmony and build a new settlement overthere.
  3. Settlement : Dryfit harbour on 589, 1986
  4. Hi, i am intrested in a Corbita - Applewood - 50ql+ -- 7s you also deliver to harmony? No Need anymore. i have bought from another person.
  5. /\wAk@tAnk/\ Hell horses and Horses Contact : Awaka Public map : Awakatanka on Cadence G17 Connected to the highway -=> Self service market <=- Buy key at merchant Open gate and Lead horse out Drop key in chest. Done -=> The ages will vary between Foal to Mature stage.<=- Speed and none speed Trait info For Sale Horses Hell Horses
  6. hi i am interessted in 50c - Silverwalking (Female) : No Trait | Mature as of 12/13 and 2 genesis on a foal of me In game name also awaka
  7. I suggest to look in d16 and e16 our d18 and 19. I find most mobs around the mountains. And last walk i found some on g14
  8. Will get them when you are online when i 'm online
  9. Hi there, I am intressted in Adolescent (foal) Hardwarrior Male LM -Gold (35c) Adolescent (foal) Cloudhunting Male FF, SB, UH -Black (20c) Young Callwar Male CM -Brown (20c) Young (foal) Pieerik Male UH -White (5c)
  10. Do not know if it is already asked. If so i am sorry. granger will this one also have option for steam version?