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  1. Snook Pie isn't on the list. Pastry, chopped snook fillet, mashed potato, cheese, white sauce, boiled egg, chopped parsley, ground cumin. In a pie dish in an oven. Uses baking skill.
  2. More statues? Anytime. +1
  3. always upvote fluffballs. +1 Edit: On second thought, why not add hamsters instead?
  4. +1 for the fish skin for weapons. Fish Slapping for everyone!
  5. Oh yes, please, I want to see huge champ dragons... from a safe distance... Like, from over there, behind that mountain... +1 from me.
  6. +1, would be handy to know.
  7. Sad News

    Condolences as well from me. I didn't know Chaosmeow, but this thread makes me wish I did.
  8. As a person who gets lost a lot... +1
  9. I would love to see some linden or birch hedges, too. And all of the above. +1