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  1. Correction of Tower position: Kensworth 898 is here (https://independence.yaga.host/#3569,2626) not here (https://independence.yaga.host/#3568,2514). This tower isn't on the map yet: Lolly146 (https://independence.yaga.host/#3212,2153)
  2. Tunnel from here https://independence.yaga.host/#3432,3467 to here https://independence.yaga.host/#3436,3553 .
  3. Tower: Renny 226 (https://independence.yaga.host/#3115,3551) Tower: Renny 114 (https://independence.yaga.host/#3174,3578) Tower: Venomus 354 (Justice for All (Metallica)) (https://independence.yaga.host/#3253,3559)
  4. One tile wide tunnel from here: https://independence.yaga.host/#3793,3186 to here https://independence.yaga.host/#3559,3185 . Running straight under that mountain. Two tile wide hwy bridge from here https://independence.yaga.host/#3557,3143 to here https://independence.yaga.host/#3537,3143 .
  5. Tower.: https://independence.yaga.host/#3704,2551 Lordlouis 442 Tower: https://independence.yaga.host/#3766,2548 Lordlouis 642 https://independence.yaga.host/#3741,2519 Sleep Trophy (Obelisk) https://independence.yaga.host/#3742,2513 Charge of Troll (Obelisk) https://independence.yaga.host/#3741,2503 Trophy of Square (Obelisk) https://independence.yaga.host/#3741,2497 Charge of Song (Obelisk) Tower: https://independence.yaga.host/#3762,2470 Lordlouis 586 Tower: https://independence.yaga.host/#3705,2468 Lordlouis 554 https://independence.yaga.host/#3761,2507 Lamentations Mystery (Spirit Gate). Tower: https://independence.yaga.host/#3567,2627Kensworth 898
  6. [11:29:09] <Koruk> champ croc following, am on a slow wagon, going uphill, no stamina [11:30:51] <Koruk> i'll be fine, it's not biting me much
  7. Guard Tower: https://independence.yaga.host/#3001,3133 Gashek 490
  8. I got 6/11 as well. As long as the water skin fits inside my (runed) backpack, I'm fine with it.
  9. I made an underground spa. View from the entrance: Change Room, Sauna with Bear Fountain, Pool Bar, another Sauna, Relax Zone (from left to right). View from the deep end of the pool: Tea Corner, Sauna, Pool Bar, Sauna with Bear Fountain, Change Room, Small Sauna, Lounge (from left to right). Hot tub in the foreground. The change room. Keys for the chests are on the shelf, also some pieces of cloth are provided for your convenience. Please return the keys when you leave. Relax and enjoy the flowers. This area is perfect for meditation. Rugs are available for a small fee, or bring your own. Three saunas are available. The two bigger ones will seat four people each, and the small one is designed for a cozy two. Free drinks of fresh water are available from the bear fountain. Please don't drink from the pool. Sheets and water are provided as well as fuel for the braziers. You may bring your own incense. Have drink at the pool bar or enjoy some tea or a good book. The tea corner. Please ask at the bar for the recommendation of the day. The library. Please dry yourself and wipe your feet before entering. From the library you can watch the pool bar and the lounge. And the pool, of course. The pool bar. The pool bar is accessible from the water and from land. The lounge next to the pool is equipped with waterproof furniture. Please do not eat or drink in the lounge. We do not want the pools to get dirty, do we? The pool; the deep part is marked by red pavement. Our hot tub/whirlpool comes with a scrubbing brush. You will have to make your own bubbles, though. View from the pool. Please note that the benches in the saunas are placed to afford a maximum of privacy (you can't see them from the pool). From the lounge you have an excellent view of the bar, the library and the saunas. With this we conclude our little tour and I hope you had fun. I'd like to thank Merfin for his work on the ceiling, Aisteraina for the collapses, Gwyneth for blessing the lamps, Cohenworrior for the support beams and Ennae and Magarno for fishing the nasty Minnows and Wurmfish from the pool.
  10. Would be handy to have one of those.
  11. You can ask to have that corrected on the Wiki here: https://forum.wurmonline.com/index.php?/forum/119-wurmpedia-wiki-maintenance/
  12. I like the stationary trait. Great way to keep my sheep from crowding on one tile.
  13. I have run into the same problem as Vorticella. Branch fragment, wood won't combine with branch fragment, birchwood. The same goes for my shaft, tenon and peg fragments. And my arrow shaft fragment has been turned into a plank fragment, just as it is supposed to, but it's birchwood and won't combine with a plank fragment, wood. Other than that, very nice update. I like how the tool fragments now include other tools and not only file, nails and trowel.