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  1. If you find the time, Stanlee, you can remove Ennae as well, pls. She got her global cast done.
  2. Proof of concept: A burning bush (it's tea, actually). I'm still looking for something other than a BSB, which would hide the brazier completely.
  3. When trying to transfer some herbs from a pile of items on the ground to my horse's saddle sacks I got this message: Venerable fat Osionorth is too unruly. It must be tamed or branded. When I picked up the items into inventory and tried to put them into the saddle sacks from there, I got the message: The saddle sacks contains too many items. The horse is branded to the settlement that I am a citizen of (I checked), I did not change servers with it, and I have all perms to the horse. We were offdeed at the time. It is a regular horse, not a hell horse. After that I took three lovage from the full saddle sacks, then tried to drag 13 sassafras from the pile of items into the saddle sacks: [02:01:36] Venerable fat Osionorth is too unruly. It must be tamed or branded. [02:01:36] Osionorth gets three sassafras. The rest of the sassafras remained in the pile of of items. It looks like the "unruly" message appears when trying to drag a larger number of items than would fit from a pile on the ground into the saddle sacks. The items that fit will be transferred regardless of the message. Not a game breaking bug, I guess, but a little irritating.
  4. I thought I might get my Archaeology Skill up to 99, but fell a little short. It's 98,98 now, which is symmetrical enough to not be too disappointed.
  5. Thanks a bunch, Stanlee. I put my priest on the list, let's see how this works out.
  6. I didn't find any cooking recipe with cocoa butter either, but apparently it can be used to make healing covers. [13:08:46] You start to create a healing cover of the cocoa butter, the nutmeg and some grass, leaves and moss. [13:09:03] A bunch of interwoven grass mixed with various healing ingredients. It will help some against wounds.
  7. Something similar happened with my riding horse, Mollyhunting. She was standing on a patch of enchanted grass in the courtyard, saddled. Apparently she got hungry, but instead of grazing she went over to the house and ate camelia from a crate in an unlocked crate rack. Through the wall. Then she went back to her enchanted grass. She hasn't done that again, at least I didn't catch her doing it again. I take it that saddled horses moving to eat from a trough and then going back to their spot is intended behaviour, but it seems to have some undesired side effects.
  8. I just did what nicedreams and riceri said, and it works fine now. Deleted the entire Wurm Launcher folder, downloaded the tar again and it started up with no problems. :)
  9. If it has something to do with the GPU, I think I have a GeForce GTX 1650 Ti, driver version 460.73.01.
  10. Noob alert: How do I start the old UI? I am completely clueless, sorry.
  11. Okay, so we have the same error message. But what does it mean, and more importantly, how to fix it?
  12. Um, I've never used the terminal... How do I navigate in there? Okay found it. This is what it says: Number of options: 10 Native libs: -Djava.library.path=/home/USERNAME/wurm-launcher:/home/USERNAME/wurm-launcher/jcef-natives:/home/USERNAME/wurm-launcher/linux64/runtime/lib/amd64Create java VM! java.library.path: /home/USERNAME/wurm-launcher:/home/USERNAME/wurm-launcher/jcef-natives:/home/USERNAME/wurm-launcher/linux64/runtime/lib/amd64 java.class.path: /home/USERNAME/wurm-launcher/client_live.jar sun.java.command:null OS: Linux LaunchProcess: failed to execvp: /home/USERNAME/wurm-launcher/jcef-natives/jcef_helper LaunchProcess: failed to execvp: /home/USERNAME/wurm-launcher/jcef-natives/jcef_helper [0526/194542.574684:WARNING:gpu_process_host.cc(1266)] The GPU process has crashed 1 time(s) [0526/194542.575025:WARNING:gpu_process_host.cc(1266)] The GPU process has crashed 2 time(s) [0526/194542.575292:WARNING:gpu_process_host.cc(1266)] The GPU process has crashed 3 time(s) [0526/194542.575574:WARNING:gpu_process_host.cc(1266)] The GPU process has crashed 4 time(s) [0526/194542.575834:WARNING:gpu_process_host.cc(1266)] The GPU process has crashed 5 time(s) [0526/194542.576077:WARNING:gpu_process_host.cc(1266)] The GPU process has crashed 6 time(s) [0526/194542.576352:WARNING:gpu_process_host.cc(1266)] The GPU process has crashed 7 time(s) [0526/194542.578063:WARNING:gpu_process_host.cc(1266)] The GPU process has crashed 8 time(s) [0526/194542.578558:WARNING:gpu_process_host.cc(1266)] The GPU process has crashed 9 time(s) [0526/194542.578582:FATAL:gpu_data_manager_impl_private.cc(445)] GPU process isn't usable. Goodbye. Trace/Breakpoint ausgelöst (Speicherabzug geschrieben)
  13. I've been running Wurm Online in a MINT Linux for months now, and it worked fine until today's fix for the "superhorses". The Donkey-update didn't affect it, it ran fine after. I logged out for the restart that was meant to fix the problem of superhorses with 20+ traits. After that the launcher updated and closed. Now when I try to start the launcher it will blink up in the task bar at the lower edge of the screen, but no window will open, and then it closes again. I tried to download and unpack the launcher fresh from the website, but it only updates (and I means this little white window not the big one with the latest announcements and settings and stuff), closes and shows the above behaviour. I'm a total noob when it comes to Linux, and I have absolutely no idea what I can do to fix this. Can anyone help with this? **** Ingame name: Just read my name backwards.
  14. Tonight I made 5 different items of each metal (including moonmetals): needle, eyelet, hunting and war arrow head, fishing hook. I used zinc, tin, copper, silver, iron, lead, gold, seryll, adamantine and glimmersteel. No change in the journal. Not even a percentage showing up next to the task while I was smithing. I thought, maybe I need to make 5 identical items, so I made more needles. In the end I had 5 needles of every metal. Still no change in the journal. Closed journal window, opened journal window. No change. I then started to make needles from alloys, starting with electrum. And lo and behold: When the first electrum needle was created, the journal displayed 20% next to the task. The second electrum needle raised that to 40% and so on. When 5 electrum needles were completed the journal task turned green. I did not try to fix this by relogging, and there was no unusual lag during the smithing session. Most of the items that I created were very low quality. It worked out for me in the end, so I'm not complaining. But it might be good to keep an eye on it, see if it happens again and under which conditions.