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  1. Jul 10, 2021 4:15:05 PM Mareridt casts Holy Crop. Fo graces the lands with abundant crop yield and happy animals.
  2. added some new bisons today
  3. thx i refill it tomorrow xD
  4. Public Wagoner Containers ondeed close to the shore, unload and load allowed ondeed. Self serve Pens And on the Main Deed Sklotopolis we have run a Public Sermon Group since over 6 month now. If u have a priest that need some Sermons, its a 24/7 group most time. Just come over add me as friend and u can also eat here some nice Pizzas. Some COC tools CoC grooming brush, oak 89 2s53c grooming brush, oak 89 2s53c grooming brush, oak 84 1s90c grooming brush, oak 80 1s40c
  5. the side have show me it was so 20 secound to late
  6. sorry Baewulf it was to late your bid gz Thely
  7. Deedname; Sklotopolis Market 806,349 Public wagoner container coastal,Merchant just east from sklotopolis at the coast
  8. Rare Forge for auction today. Low starting bid and no buyout or reserve. [20:10:37] A forge made from stone bricks and clay, intended for smelting and smithing. This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. The forge has some irregularities that must be removed with a stone chisel. Ql: 50.875175, Dam: 0.0. Starting bid : 7s Bid increment : 1s No buyout No reserve no sniper protection
  9. i buy a trovel and butcher knife with coc 70, cod it to nannini