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  1. @Aldur Thanks for the quick response! I'll keep my eyes out for updates in the future.
  2. I use the native client for a character and the steam client for a character. Is there a way to have both characters have their accounts linked to Wurm Assistant at the same time? I find myself having to switch the game directory back and forth between the two.
  3. +1 on this. There's multiple reasons you would want to load a row boat. Just last week I had an alt have to abandon a row boat in a gale because I was going nowhere. I had my main show up and save the day in a corb. It would have been nice to just throw the row boat in the corb and not have to return a couple days later after the gale.
  4. Ravenrest [2411, 2884] -- Deed
  5. Highly recommend Pantha. I've gotten weapons and imps numerous times. They always come back incredibly quickly and at very fair prices. The absolute best WS in my opinion.
  6. I'll take a 3 for 99c deal, please. Pickaxe, hatchet, and sickle. COD to Thesgtskully. Received incredibly quickly. Great service and highly recommend. Thanks!
  7. So excited to attend. I've only been playing about a month. So, if you see me wandering around as though I'm lost... I am. Give me a, "Hello! How are you?" =)