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  1. ... this thread has completely derailed
  2. WurmNode

    Still an error when I try to access:
  3. -1 to tower wipe. That makes zero sense. If you go that route, you may as well scrap the whole server and start from scratch (also a terrible idea).
  4. Different Wurm experience options. As of now, we don't even have the choice.
  5. Do you get points for healing others with cotton at rifts? Not saying this is an ideal way to pump up points, but just got me curious.
  6. I saw the "old fog" for the first time the other night during night time on Deli. It was incredible. I couldn't see 2-3 tiles away.
  7. Has there been mention of estimated launch date of all these new exploration features? I think everything looks fun myself and am looking forward to checking it out.
  8. COD to Thesgtskully please. Thanks so much!