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  1. I recall that Sindusk's WyvernMods created a unique chat tab that special server events/triggers would be sent to, but I cannot recall if regular users could exchange messages on it. That's the only mod in my memory that created a separate tab/channel for anything. I do however assume it's possible, I'm just not personally aware of a current mod that makes it happen. If you have any skill in Java programming you might be able to come up with something using his code for inspiration: https://github.com/Sindusk/wyvernmods/blob/master/src/main/java/mod/sin/wyvern/MiscChanges.java
  2. Feel free to take them to court in Sweden, @and0r. Even in the copied-and-pasted part of the description you've cited, there is no specific mention of it being a one-to-one clone, or even any mention of all features in WO being available in WU, so your case for "false advertisement" is pretty flimsy to begin with. One of two things will happen: 1. You'll win your case, they'll change a few words in the description, rifts will continue to not be present in the base WU game (since development has ended for it), and if you're lucky you'll be entitled to a refund of your game which won't even amount to the cost of filing your suit in the first place, let alone the other costs you'd incur. 2. The judge will laugh at you and you'll have wasted the cost of court and/or attorney fees, travel if necessary, and time, for a frivolous lawsuit with literally no implications of anything. Or, you could forget about it and focus on something that matters. Learn how to determine what's worth caring about.
  3. I agree it would be better solved by a game setting but I didn't find one. I will check that gamesettings.txt file and see if it works. As for the first part, I'm not sure I follow you there. If you could type "dig" into the console, you'd still have to type "dig" into the console 3 times unless you macro which is against the rules anyway. Though you've pointed out that does seem to suggest there's no command for what I'm hoping to accomplish (since you can't type "dig" or any other action into the console really). [EDIT] Can confirm setting thirdPerson=true in gamesettings.txt does not work, so sadly I guess I'm at a dead end. Thank you for trying to help. [/EDIT]
  4. Is there a way to execute a command through the console? For example, if I type CHANGE_VIEW into the F1 console it says Unknown command: change_view. I have it bound to a key of course, but here I'm looking for a way to add that command to my config's autorun.txt so that my character will be in 3rd person when I start the game