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  1. I agree it would be better solved by a game setting but I didn't find one. I will check that gamesettings.txt file and see if it works. As for the first part, I'm not sure I follow you there. If you could type "dig" into the console, you'd still have to type "dig" into the console 3 times unless you macro which is against the rules anyway. Though you've pointed out that does seem to suggest there's no command for what I'm hoping to accomplish (since you can't type "dig" or any other action into the console really). [EDIT] Can confirm setting thirdPerson=true in gamesettings.txt does not work, so sadly I guess I'm at a dead end. Thank you for trying to help. [/EDIT]
  2. Is there a way to execute a command through the console? For example, if I type CHANGE_VIEW into the F1 console it says Unknown command: change_view. I have it bound to a key of course, but here I'm looking for a way to add that command to my config's autorun.txt so that my character will be in 3rd person when I start the game