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  1. hello, could you please send me this sickle: QL 85 BOTD 77 - 2s 50c (iron) thank you
  2. Please remove Moonbright and Beachwood (both disbanded)
  3. thanks @Yldrania, do you mind to add the highway as well?
  4. @Yldrania,Could you please also add/remove everything on this page starting from the highway post?
  5. Grooming Brush, oakenwood QL 10 BOTD 57 - 86c please COD to Timpearl, thank you
  6. Please remove Appleshire, Dragonfire Post and Blackmere Hospice - all are disbanded
  7. Huge axe, iron, 71ql, 88nimb, 64LT, 70coc, 94ms - 10s Cod to Timpearl pls
  8. Are these canals public? It looks locked with a door.
  9. Deed: Fountain Hills [1069, 668], have guard tower.