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  1. WTS 3x Goblin Leader Bloods and 4x Kyklops Bloods 5s each or 32s for all 7
  2. Wtb Halloween event skull mask. 1s ea. looking for gold but will do other colors.
  3. Bought a sailboat from Kania. Was fast and for a competitive price!
  4. doesnt appear to work regarding titles
  5. Lets maybe make it so you cant expand a deed when enemies are in local no? Maybe even make it so u cant hire more guards or use any of the options which adjust your defenses while enemies are in local????????????????????
  6. TEMPORARILY CLOSED Located at P-16 on Cadence with Mail accessibility PM Oopsiewoopsie in game, here on forums, or place an order below! Current Work Load: Temp. Closed Currently servicing: Blacksmithing Wares: Tools Horse shoes (Set of 4) Large Anvils Small Anvils Iron Chain Armor: Woa/Coc soon Fine Carp soon Leather Wares to 50ql soon I will imp any item for the cost difference of the 2 items rounded down to the 10ql. Example: If you have a 64ql pickaxe you want imped to 71ql. I will imp it for 30 copper. The difference between the 61ql and 71ql price ranges. Buyer pays C.O.D for shipping. Orders of 3 or more individual items will be fit into backpacks.
  7. buddy..... All of defiance chat should be moved to woodscraps...