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  1. Ahh okay! where are you located?
  2. i'd like to buy the black ancient chest skin can you mail it to Orcotot, or do we need to meet up?
  3. With the new animals soon to come along with additions to animal husbandry I think it would be perfect to be able to make bales of straw/hay using wheat / barley / oats that we can grow by farming and set them in our pastures for animals to feed from. I think it would be neater than dropping stacks of cut grass on the ground for some to graze on or even cosmetically stashed in barns
  4. Cant wait for exploration update! hoping for bandit camps, treasure hunting, generally more things to do in the wilderness!
  5. Bandit camps would be super for the game, randomly generated just clumps of bandits around campfires / tents with chests you can loot. Doesn't even need to be high end gear or mats, could be for noobs or low fight skilled players just out hunting, decent ql weps/tools/armor , maybe some gems for priests or stash of cotton/veggies/forage stuff. low ql ores already smelted.. things of the sort. I think treasure hunting would be a good thing also, as in treasure hunting from Ultima Online .. you find maps out in the world (maybe from bandit camp chests?) just a picture with nothing else (maybe can include a server name to make it a tad easier) and you would have to go and dig it up, pick the lock, and there would be some nice items waiting for you. maybe some low to mid ql enchanted gear /tools /gems/cloth/ores, with digging up the chest could have a couple of mobs spawned depending on how many people are in the vicinity around the chest - more people = more mobs.. trolls/goblins/lava fiends/bandits
  6. on note for wilderness exploration treasure maps? be able to use lockpicking skill to unlock chests