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  1. Any word on this? 9pm EST is less than an hour away, right?
  2. At 71 AH, I breed 4 draft horses about half the time from 4 draft parents. Just my perspective. I also get 70 point animals from time to time.
  3. I didn't even know fog is a thing! I'd like to see this, too.
  4. Sounds like fun to me!
  5. I hope we can give the new changes some time to see how it works. I would hate to end up with static herds because we ratcheted down the RNG too far.
  6. How much longer until there is a AH fix, do you think? Here is today's poor example:
  7. If the auction is still live, 15s - can't see the timer!
  8. A few months ago I had a horse warp out of its pen and into the neighboring pen. Don't know if that's related...
  9. I am having similar issues. Here's an example from today. I've really tried to like this update, but overall I find it frustrating. I cannot even give most of the horses bred away... Oh, and 71 AH skill, also.
  10. I have more than a dozen animals with the "It seems to pick stuff up" trait, but have yet to see that happen. Is this bugged? Keridwyn, Cadence o20
  11. After the rift, I found an abandoned horse, Daliabrisk, saddled but not branded. I put her in the pens near the rift site to keep her safe from trolls, if anyone is looking for her.
  12. Just had another lose his name and parentage.
  13. I have one that lost her name and parentage only, retaining color and traits.
  14. Finegas is not going to make it - sorry, had to be away sooner than I thought.
  15. Finegas is available today only (11 more hourse): 72 faith, 42 channeling.
  16. It's all good - whenever you get them, I'll take them.