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  1. How much longer until there is a AH fix, do you think? Here is today's poor example:
  2. If the auction is still live, 15s - can't see the timer!
  3. A few months ago I had a horse warp out of its pen and into the neighboring pen. Don't know if that's related...
  4. I am having similar issues. Here's an example from today. I've really tried to like this update, but overall I find it frustrating. I cannot even give most of the horses bred away... Oh, and 71 AH skill, also.
  5. I have more than a dozen animals with the "It seems to pick stuff up" trait, but have yet to see that happen. Is this bugged? Keridwyn, Cadence o20
  6. After the rift, I found an abandoned horse, Daliabrisk, saddled but not branded. I put her in the pens near the rift site to keep her safe from trolls, if anyone is looking for her.
  7. Just had another lose his name and parentage.