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  1. Yay - good on Cadence! Thanks!
  2. Connection refused on Cadence.
  3. Right, but this is on me giving the sermon, not listening to one.
  4. I am the only Libila follower in the group of 5. I'm disappointed but not surprised to learn that I don't receive Alignment from listening to sermons by WL, but *giving* sermons has only been a sporadic Alignment change as well. I have given 13 sermons, which all gave the .08 Faith increase for 4 listeners, but only 4 of those sermons gave me an alignment boost. Most of these sermons were immediately upon logging in, so I did nothing to cause an alignment change beforehand. What is a neutral alignment tick? How would I even know if I had one?
  5. More information. I have been butchering guard corpses, but only received an alignment change when it wasn't right after someone else's sermon. However, I didn't get an alignment change for those sermons. I'm very confused - how does a Libila priest get negative alignment?
  6. Yay, sounds like fun! Thanks for the invite.
  7. Hello. My new alt, Neman, has been a Libila follower since Nov 24th. At that time, her alignment was set to -1 when converting at the Encore religious advisor. Since then, she has been attending a sermon group with 4 to 6 other characters and listening to sermons 5 or 6 times per day. In all that time, she has had no alignment change, although all the other listeners got the 4 adjustment as expected. She has also tried killing a wolf and a rooster, sacrificing materials, and most recently, holding her own sermon, but has seen no alignment change in all this time. Is she bugged, or is the system broken? Thanks.
  8. Do you have a picture of it on?
  9. As above, when I put the cotton plain white pants (dyed) on the ground, the texture displayed is the bag with a question mark.
  10. I have read the Black Tome of Magic, and can thus summon a wraith or a handful of skeletons to fight for me as my pet(s). The wraith works fine, but only one skeleton is controllable; once he dies, the others remain on a lead and follow me around, but I can no longer give them orders. I would expect to be able to use all of them, since each are quite a bit weaker than the one wraith. To reproduce this, just summon the skeletons and engage in a fight. Once the first one dies, you will find that you cannot tell any of the others to attack another target.
  11. Guard tower: Dongiacomo 378,,2133
  12. Guard tower: Quinnybluez 402,2566