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  1. Au contraire! RNG is psychologically the most motivating reward system a game can have, according to the linked article, which says "Players will play the most consistently when they are on a variable-ratio schedule because they know that some kind of a reward should happen sometime soon."
  2. Do Rite spells exist to grant players sleep bonus, or does sleep bonus exist as an incentive to practice religion? The answer to this question should direct the solution, I believe.
  3. After an extended absence from the game, I came back to find the meadow I had been tending next to my deed overgrown with trees. Now, I like a forest as well as the next person, but there are a *lot* of forests on Cadence! To this end, I would like to see tree and bush sprouts prevented from spreading to flowered grass tiles. Thanks for your consideration.
  4. Viva la Dirt League illustrates my point, esp. 2:20 in this video:
  5. Wurm is a unique game, as far as I know. Where else can I change the terrain, build everything I need, explore on land and sea, and invest in friendships with my (virtual) neighbors? All of these things take time and dedication in Wurm, and make it an exceptional experience. Just like in real life, fast transportation has the potential to alter the fabric of Wurmian society. Before people had cars, everyone knew their neighbors and relied on each other for help. With the advent of "fast travel", though, I only see my real life neighbors as they walk from house to car, and have nearly no relationship with them. I love that Wurm has given me that window into the past, and I worry that by making things too easy and too fast, our community will also change into a more rushed and distant environment. Perhaps a compromise might be automatic but not fast travel? In original Everquest, the boat ride from Kaladim to Freeport was that sort of journey. It took about 25 minutes, and you could leave your character standing or hang out on the boat. My husband and I would often get into sparring matches, and I only fell overboard twice! Anyway, a travel solution like a caravan might address both the desire to get safely home without having to babysit your avatar, and yet diminish the perseverance that Wurm requires. As far as the original question of teleportation goes, I would reluctantly support the 1,000-tile radius, decaying version with a high building and high usage cost.
  6. I like the maps, but hate the clues. I also miss the hot/cold hints from examining the maps. Maybe instead of spamming examine, we could have a message that pops up (like near a beehive) when we are within a stone's throw of the target. It'd be great if that were for both maps and clues. The new loot is fabulous, though - very motivating for me!
  7. One thing that concerns me about the map clue: will the treasure map be based on the in-game map? If so, over time it will be harder to figure out how terrain landmarks relate to the map. If the treasure map is based on the current terrain, it will be harder to identify where to search in the first place. Otherwise, I think this has plenty of promise!
  8. Yes, please - add fishing! I appear to be one of the few who do all sorts of missions. Although I rarely need the sleep bonus, I do like getting the karma to fuel my sorcery. I am often the one on Cadence who recruits people to give items to the gods, at least on the south side of the island. Besides, it is the only thing I know of in game that feels anything like a quest.
  9. My masonry is pretty high; I'll be there to help. Thank you for organizing this!
  10. Sad News

    I am so sorry to hear of the loss of Chaosmeow. As others here have said, she was such a friendly, talkative person. My trips to Port Crescendo were nearly always enlivened by a short but happy conversation about her progress on her stables. I will miss seeing her. My condolences to you and your family, Minoman. Keridwyn
  11. VR is great! I hope they do it well, if they are going to do it.