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  1. Mia's Refuge - Harmony G9 - Journeyman Carpenter, Apprentice Fine Carpenter
  2. I am on Harmony. The location is G9 on the map Just a few deeds northwest of Emberwynn Harbor.
  3. Also offering Horse appraisals for 10 c an animal and horse breeding services. My animal handling is over 42, so you'll get more traits per horse.
  4. I have many horses for sale. My base horse price (no traits, grey color): 25 copper. + 10 copper for the standard colors (black, white, gold, brown, chestnut, blood bay) + 75 copper for the rare colors (ebony, piebald pinto, skewbald pinto, appaloosa, black silver, buckskin) + 75 copper per speed trait + 10 copper per non-speed trait I don't sell horses with negative traits. Certain spark means it will live longer than normal, Unusually strong & healthy means it's disease resistant, tough bugger makes it less likely to take damage, fight fiercely gives it an attack bonus I do take requests - so if you want a specific color foal and set of traits, I can work to breed that for you even if I don't have it in inventory today. It will be 20 copper per attempt paid in advance and non-refundable, then I will notify you when the foal is delivered whether it was to request or not. Any females I sell to you, I offer stud services at no cost for the life of the mare. Currently, I have ready for sale: 25 copper each Champagne: grey female Yazmeendream: grey female Steel: grey male Windwing: grey male 35 copper each: Sugar: white female Pickwar: black male Sweetiron: black female Copperwild: blood bay female Eckersouth: brown male Brownie: chestnut male Cloudwest: gold female Paddychaser: gold male Eckersweet: grey female (tough bugger) Heartosio: grey female (fight fiercely) Piewest: grey female (fight fiercely) 45 copper each: Bomgold: brown male (certain spark) Pifalightning: brown female (certain spark) Sageosio: brown male (fight fiercely) Wardance: brown female (fight fiercely) Waltstrong: White male (certain spark) 1 silver 10 copper Grey horses are useful for breeding to colored horses as they are more likely to produce foals that carry the coat color of the colored parent Babenorth: grey female, 1 speed (tough bugger, very strong leg muscles) Dreamjack: grey male, 1 speed (unusually strong & healthy, carry more than average) Fasthalt: grey male, 1 speed (fight fiercely, very strong leg muscles) Happybear: grey male, 1 speed (tough bugger, strong body) Raidrain: grey female, 1 speed (keen senses, very strong leg muscles) Warhoney: grey male, 1 speed (tough bugger, carry more than average) 1 silver 20 copper Raidtear: brown female, 1 speed (certain spark, very strong leg muscles)
  5. I love the Wurm music. There's a particular part of the soundtrack that's pretty ominous. Every time I hear it my senses go on alert and I start looking for trouble in the area, even though I know it's not there. But this got me thinking that it would be really helpful to players if the soundtrack WAS tied to the activity in the environment. For example, if a big baddie enters within 10 tiles of you, that ominous music starts to play to alert you - just as your senses would work in your normal environment to clue you in on things outside of your vision and hearing. Something that could be done is as your nature skill increases, the radius of alert increases. When there's nothing in the area, it plays a more happy, upbeat tune. Just a thought.
  6. My adult horse developed a negative trait she did not have before. She went from no traits to now reporting feeble and unhealthy. Her foal is also feeble and unhealthy. Never seen this happen before.
  7. That's the reason I posted, Zaidonia. I thought it might be that someone died while they were wandering and lost their horse because of it. There's no negative traits, and it might well be that it wandered off deed.
  8. It has a name. I'm just not giving it out because I don't want someone it doesn't belong to claiming it.
  9. No owner listed. If you think it might be yours, send a message to MistressoPortals with the details of the horse you are missing such as color, name, heritage, etc. If it matches, also include your deed and I will return him to you.
  10. It's not entirely impossible. I did find a wild mare about 2 weeks ago who was hanging around in an unpopulated woodland area.