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  1. The game is a little... wonky. I had a similar thing with a Brown Bear once; just come back in a bit and try hand-feeding her regardless of what the messages say.
  2. I've noticed when using the drop on ground, pet bowls will place themselves outside a fence or gate. So the penned animal cannot get to it's found; or in the case of my hell horses one time almost escaped their pen because of this! I got them back before anything happened, thankfully having another watch that they didn't run off anywhere on me while I got online.
  3. I will add to this; Cadence server. I've had young horses die randomly; not starvation and not likely disease as that is cared for with humid drizzle often - and ratio is not the problem. I have had other creatures on young age randomly die; neither of my deeds have any guards of sorts. Most of said creatures were of the young ages - Mature, Adolescent, or Young. All dead had meat on them, so not starvation. I have 2 alts.
  4. Hello, I do not know if I got a response previously. However, I have some horses in game that Granger detects mismatches on thus doesn't add them to the herd. The mentioned mismatches are like, one parents name being black but the new parent named, or a old parent name being black but new parent being named. I'm aware the Animal Update may have done something to cause this, a bit unfortunate I can't have Granger itself include the horses and update them appropriately.
  5. @Aldurthanks figured it out. Although, some horses are giving mismatch errors to Granger about parents' names. Not much I can do if said parents are no longer part of the server.
  6. Does Wurm Assistant need a specific directory for the game to be installed in? Am getting Application startup was interrupted by an ugly error! System.ArgumentException: The directory name C:\SteamStuff\steamapps\common\Wurm Online\configs is invalid. C:\SteamStuff\steamapps\common]Wurm Online is the correct directory for where my game currently is installed. There is no configs folder there though, if that's what it looks for. Win10, if that matters.
  7. Wall of house is lifted since update, part is poking through the roof and there is a space now at the bottom I can see through to the grass since my wall is up. another bug may be in regards to item placement, thinking it is inside building when it is infact outside. Case in point, I had pickup perms on a neighborr deed. I could pick up items from Pile of... boxes, say meat in this case. This box was not near a wall or fence/gate. The box near a wall kept saying I didn't have perms, while having perms. And another is I couldn't brush my horse hitched to a hitching post because "the gate's in the way" that is obviously not in the way, as I just literally brushed the other horse also hitched to the same post. Possible bug: You can add same player multiple times to settle roles despite them already on the roles. Also, log off by sleep in the normal bed apparently is having issues logging me off. Sorry, no pics/vids!