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  1. I would really like this free cat pelt, thank you. Please send to Ghanos
  2. Hi, can you cod Pick Axe: QL 3 BOTD 89 - 1s 78c (iron) And please imp it to 70 to Ghanos?
  3. Hi, Can you CoD shovel blade, iron, ~12ql, 78woa 80coc - 0,75s to Ghanos? Thank you
  4. Hi, I am looking for work to be done. I love playing the game but my deed is nice as it is, now I am looking for something to do, preferable build houses that you have planned etc. If you are a nice person and give me the food / material, I dont want any salary as long as it is a nice project. As I have a nice own deed, I wont join your village. I live on Cadence, so preferable there, but if the work is really interesting I would visit Harmony.
  5. Carving Knife Blade, iron QL 16 BOTD 37 - 37c Rake, iron QL 6 BOTD 43 - 56c Saw, iron QL 16 BOTD 49 - 64c Scissors, iron QL 2 BOTD 39 - 39c Trowel Blade, iron QL 3 BOTD 48 - 62c Please CoD to Ghanos
  6. Hatchet, iron QL 3 BOTD 47 - 61c Please COD to Ghanos
  7. Of course I wish him all the best, hopefully it's just a Wurm burnout.
  8. 1 60-69 stone strike pickaxe please cod to Ghanos
  9. Hi, I would like to order: Butchering Knife, iron QL 42 BOTD 55 - 83c Carving Knife, iron QL 43 BOTD 45 - 59c Hammer, iron QL 22 BOTD 56 - 84c (Imped) Hatchet, iron QL 3 BOTD 56 - 84c (Imped) Needle, iron QL 16 BOTD 59 - 89c (Imped) Pickaxe Head, iron QL 3 BOTD 77 - 1s 93cc (Imped) Rake, iron QL 6 BOTD 54 - 81c (Imped) Saw, iron QL 16 BOTD 54 - 81c (Imped) Stone Chisel Blade, iron QL 3 BOTD 34 - 34c Shovel Blade, iron QL 15 BOTD 58 - 87c Please COD all to Ghanos