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  1. Just to throw in my two cents... "We've received reports of [name a couple things that were reported] and complaints about balance, and we're currently looking into it." would have been a pretty simple baseline response to the immediate reactions of "everything's broken" that cropped up, and I believe would have swerved a good bit of the community's frustration about how poorly things have rolled out. Going absolutely silent through days of mass complaints and annoyance with the knowledge that it'll all be addressed in a future update (that nobody in the fanbase knows is coming any time soon, if at all) is effectively doing nothing from a community management standpoint. gnomegates (and a dozen other people) said it best. I know you're busy but just saying "I've seen this and I'll look into it" before is more effective than saying "sorry for the silent wait. Yeah we heard" after, and doesn't seem like it'd take a whole lot more work to post.
  2. Happy to get in this one early. 10s
  3. I've got an 80 faith lib who still needs a rite cast. Happy to come be a battery
  4. Yup. CoD to Grizwaldo whenever you make it back
  5. And sniper protection is up! Congrats Mosss. Let me know who I should CoD this too and I'll get it out to you as soon as I'm able.
  6. 2 and a half hours to go! For reference, since base mats were mentioned.. A smelting pot can be used to reduce the set to 42 (and a fraction) .4 kg lumps. Selling at 3s each, that's 126s in scrap value.
  7. Starting bid: 1s Increment (minimum): 1s No reserve, No buyout Sniper Protection: 30 minutes Private Bids not accepted Helmet sold separately!
  8. Hey Pantha. Could you CoD 2 85ql iron shortswords to Grizwaldo when you have the time?