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  1. Update to "lore" Under "lore" bullet point number 4. What other species of fish may be caught on the tile, if any. This info requires a higher fishing skill to reveal (works at 88 skill, but more testing is needed to establish the minimum threshold). I can confirm this works as low as 29.8 skill using the fishing net.
  2. CAN THIS OR SOMTHING SIMILAR BE ADDED TO THE WURMPEDIA.? [21:56:58] <Harpoon> is it possible to quality lock a shelf in a bulk conatiner unit (4x BSB's in 1)? After testing by Shenjiwurm, it was found that padlocks can be attached to the individual Bulk Storage Shelves within the Bulk Container Unit, not the Bulk Container Unit itself. This then allows a permissions popup where individual shelf quality locks can be selected. [22:12:42] <Shenjiwurm> (Cel) ok guys, attach lock to bsb in the bcu and then you can set ql lock
  3. The rules say "determined by chance" and "contests of chance". I would suggest this is not chance like the roll of a dice. This is skill. Skill at the start and skill at taking corners. Skill at breeding horse etc using the Animal Husbandry SKILL. I don't see any chance here!
  4. 3250, 1720 Morko Approx from clicking community map...