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  1. Buying gems with QL < 10QL for 1.5c per. No limit on how many. COD to Ajana.
  2. Agreed. Harmony could use some new players and I don't think we need that portal anymore.
  3. Moving inventory around, common color SP3's added to free horse pen (come by and get them!). Prices lowered and new horses (possibly some rare colors) coming this weekend! Also have beehives for sale, around 50QL, 2 silver per. Contact me for delivery or pickup
  4. Stock updated! Regular colors - SP3's (20c), SP4's (50c), SP5's (75c) in stock, 1 SP5 Ebony available as well (5s).
  5. Stock updated! SP3's (20c), SP4's (50c), SP5's (75c) in stock.