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  1. Hello Champain, I'll be the one to come pick up the horse for Oversix. You can chat me in game (Conoa) when you are on to make arrangements. Thanks
  2. Hello, interested in buying a horse. Please chat me, I'm Conoa.
  3. Closed

    Interested if cheaper, read it wrong first
  4. At 1c per 5kg (just looked it up, still new to the game) it would be quite a cost (after combining items). Learned about the mailing costs at least. So to avoid all confusion I'll simply withdraw my bids. Good luck on getting a good price!
  5. 4s wemp 3s cotton Just saw your edit about pickup, so I withdraw my bid unless you can send by mail Sorry When servers are back online I will have a look to check if I can reach you from my spot on Cadence - I'll update here ASAP