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  1. I would like to order 2 StrongWall casts on Cadence E10, if you still offering that service Dzhodzhok in game name
  2. Hello. Can the lava tile shader be improved to make it glow a little on its own? This is how it looks now. Here's how it might look
  3. Will i get any response from support or GM?
  4. Hello. I have bought contracts for a merchant and a trader. I placed the merchant in the cave house with no problem. The merchant contract had the option "Manage traders" with which I placed it. But the trader's contract doesn't have that option when I'm inside the mine. It only appears outside the mine. There is no warning in the contract description that traders cannot be placed inside mines. Only a warning about the number of creatures per cell. Therefore, either fix this bug, or return 35 silver to me and take the contract, as it is useless to me and it has wrong and misleading description. P.S. I spoke with support in the game, but they couldn't help
  5. Hi WTB Spatula, Clay shaper CoC ~70 P.S. Edit - Mallet 80+ CoC COD Dzhodzhok Thank you
  6. Hi WTB Clay CoC ~70 COD Dzhodzhok Thank you P.S. also WTB Hatchet Head ~C90
  7. WTB Pickaxe Head (Steel) ~C90 COD Dzhodzhok Thank you
  8. Hello. ~1QL stone chisel blade, iron CoC77 - 1.11 silver Please, mail to Dzhodzhok
  9. It suits me. I live in the northwest part of Cadence. Write to me when you're ready. I'll explain in more detail
  10. Good morning. I want to buy 14-20 strongwall casts on Cadence. The settlement has an altar of Magranon. Will you take the job, how much will it cost and are there any additional conditions? In the game you can write DzhoDzhok
  11. Hello. 3.84QL butchering knife blade, iron CoC73 - 95 copper 92.28QL cotton CoC53 - 43 copper 1QL grooming brush, oak CoC75 - 1.03 silver ~5QL knife, iron CoC79 - 1.19 silver 18.26QL kindling, pinewood CoC67 - 63 copper lump, iron CoC80 - 1.30 silver ~1ql pickaxe head, iron CoC89 - 2.29 silver 24.24QL tar CoC73 - 95 copper eye CoC71 - 87 copper Please, mail to Dzhodzhok
  12. Hi. Do i understand right and all this lines are canals?
  13. Hello ~1ql hatchet head, iron CoC78 - 1.15 silver 26.54QL carving knife blade, iron CoC79 - 1.19 silver Please, mail to Dzhodzhok
  14. Hello. 35.92QL file blade, iron CoC79 - 1.19 silver ~4ql grindstone CoC78 - 1.15 silver ~5ql hammer head, iron CoC70 - 83 copper ~1ql hatchet head, iron CoC79 - 1.19 silver ~8QL rake blade, iron CoC78 - 1.15 silver 5.97QL saw, iron CoC75 - 1.03 silver 90.20QL whetstone CoC76 - 1.07 silver ~1ql sickle blade, iron CoC59 - 49 copper ~1ql trowel blade, iron CoC80 - 1.30 silver Please, mail to Dzhodzhok
  15. Hello. I have a visual bug inside my cave. I guess it because visual distance in much shorter in cave than outside. Cave details set to High. With low settings bug dissapeared. How can this bug be fixed? Also, as a follower of Magranon i dodn't get any Alignment for leveling or flattering rocks. This is unlogical.