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  1. So you mean that all the skill values in the log panel are the sum of the set 0.00000762939453. And do not display the exact values of the increase in the skill. Why can't game show exact values without rounding them to the nearest 0.000008?
  2. I can send you a screenshot with that log if you need
  3. I get log with skill tick on every strike. I start with 100% stamina. Finished at 31% of stamina. 7 strikes. Water, food, CCFP all at full. [15:57:56] Mining increased by 0,000008 [15:58:05] Mining increased by 0,000015 [15:58:18] Mining increased by 0,000008 [15:58:32] Mining increased by 0,000008 [15:58:46] Mining increased by 0,000015 [15:59:02] Mining increased by 0,000015 [15:59:19] Mining increased by 0,000015 The problem is that with the increased skill timer, I didn't get increased skill ticks. And because i had skill tick on every strike ticks shown not a culmination of multiple skill gaining actions. Back on Monday, there was a linear dependence between the timer and skill gain.
  4. Hello. Mining skill does not scale with stamina level. Instead i always get 2 (0.00008 or 0.000015) same ticks with full, half or zero stamina. Sometimes i get bigger (0.000015) tick with 3/4 stamina. But when i have 1/4 stamina i get only (0.00008). That started after yerstaday patch. Skillgain reduced by several times after yerstaday patch.
  5. Stone Strike Pickaxes (all 90ql iron) 80 - 3.2 s 80 - 3.2 s 80 - 3.2 s 80 - 3.2 s 81 - 3.22 s 82 - 3.25 s 82 - 3.25 s Strongwall cast Travel cost: 50c - coast; 1s - inland 1 tile - 1 s 2-5 tiles - 75 c 5-10 tiles - 50 c 10+ tiles - 30 c Lava/Freeze tile cast Important note!!!!! Lava tile can freeze naturally over time. Lifetime is random. To cast lava/freeze i must be member of your alliance (i will leave after) and have the right to Use Meditation Ability. Tile must be in the domain of Magranon (i can build altar within 2 tiles from desired spot). Don't remove altar after cast (I'm not sure, but i suggest that can reduce lifetime of lava tile) Travel cost: 50c - coast; 1s - inland Cast - 2 s Can only be casted once every 18 hour. Iron ore (64 kg lump) 90ql - 1s; 95ql - 1.5 s; 99ql - 2s.
  6. Hello. I mined out a rock pillar at the base of the bridge and it twisted the corner of the tile. The corner has changed its height to -100 slopes. Part of the bridge is now floating in the air. And since it's a bridge, and more than that, it's a highway, I can't lift that corner back up.
  7. You're late with your sarcastic remarks. The drama is rapidly developing and much is no longer relevant. Besides, you didn't understand the meaning of my question. My point was that to remove deeds from the map person should reveal all his characters which founded deeds, connections between forum account and game accounts. Why is someone trying to find out how many deeds I founded and how many characters I have? And if you think that posting here information about my account and deed somehow touches me, you wrong. That only shows what kind of person you are.
  8. Then remove this phrase from the post.
  9. They directly say that they will decide this based on their own preferences and attitude towards specific players. Wash victory and power hit them in the head. In this case this is no longer a community map. And i see no reason why it should be on official forum. If they want the map where the opinions of other people doesn't matters, then they should make their own forum and ask people there to post data for map.
  10. And right now rule said: "DO NOT POST DEEDS THAT AREN'T YOURS OR HAVE APPROVAL TO POST BY MAYOR" But i stop react to your posts, because you can't be serious. I hope so
  11. tell me then, if people want their deeds to be removed from the map forever, but their don't want to reveal which deeds belongs to them, don't want to reveal names of their characters, how they can do that? Obviously they can't make post in map thread.
  12. We start going around in circles again. Yes, he said that the community decides what rules will apply in this thread. And the community has decided that only the mayor can add markers to the map. And this rule is still in effect. It's written on the first page. If this rule changes, then he must follow the new rule.
  13. No, he can't because this is current rule for this topic And you misleading people posting devs answer in different cotext. This topic already have the rules, and that person violated them.
  14. How that can be a compromise? Because of treasure hunting you guys will mark every deed in a week. So people will have to face your reality that was created against their will And who are you to says no to rules i suggested? Regular player like others but suddenly you start to think you in charge.
  15. And highways rule in current state can't be accepted. That is not a compromise. New rule: - players can add only deeds currently presented on the Find route list. - this voting last for next 3 weeks so that more players can vote. - you and others start advertising this topic in Kingdoms chats. If you want change rules put some effort.