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  1. I personally like "Highlander" as well
  2. Forest Giant Slaying

    It happened. It was the first unique I have done. It was a lot of fun! looking forward to doing more
  3. @josso So you just come back every day for 7-10 days and investigate a bunch? (before the patch... of course)
  4. I am very new to Archeology, and pretty new to the game in general. I spent a good chunk of time on 2 separate deeds investigating. I never seem to get the "Get direction" on my journal. I get an event log notice of "you know the name of this deed was XXXXXX" but nothing more than that. I try reading the report and nothing is really filled out. Is there a minimum archeology skill I should be at before attempting to find deed tokens? I have gotten hundreds of fragments from those 2 deeds each. I just can't seem to make any additional progress in the journal.
  5. Yeah definitely CR nerf for being on the Cart. I will occasionally take a cart out instead of a horse if I am looking for a lot of meat etc. I do get off the cart to fight, but its still not as good as being mounted.
  6. haha, funny you should mention that. I actually made a remark to myself "it always seems like I go out hunting at night when it hard to see stuff" So yeah I would say im out at night most of the time. Good catch though, I would have been kicking myself if it was the other way around
  7. I wish I had kept a chart. I did some killing on friday for 2ish hours, 6+ on saturday, and another 3-4 on sunday. I got 1 black bear helm. I did get a pumpkin shoulder on the very first day, before they tweaked the drop rates. Pretty discouraging when I can spend most of my weekend freetime killing stuff and get 1 subpar drop
  8. Ive been out all night hunting. I haven't gotten much except a few coins. No Halloween stuff. UPDATE: I got 1 black bear helm, lead. that was after about 6 hours of hunting. I was killing stuff regularly, didn't spend a lot of time looking for mobs. Kinda disappointing
  9. I would like to buy: Heartgage, M, Black - FM, LM, SL 2.5s Jollygrey, F, Black - LM, CM, SL 2.5s Let me know when pickup would be available. EDIT: Transaction went well. Merchant was more than fair about all things we dealt with. Highly Recommend. Just wanted to make sure everyone knows he responded promptly in game.
  10. Caduryn is correct. I would use this map:
  11. Agreed, I will not do any dealings with him. I will certainly make sure the normal people I interact with know about what happened and let them decide.
  12. *sigh* Oh well, I was looking forward to this. I guess ill try to burn a bunch of sleep when I get home from work tonight and go pray on Cadence.
  13. It's fairly simple. If you don't have the disposable income, and don't want to support the project, then don't. I bought a pack when they first were offering how ever many years ago that was. I then recently tried one of the alphas, was happy with what I saw and decided to upgrade (<$15 more...) to another ship. Is it ready for any sort of release? hell no. They have a decent tech demo going though. I enjoyed my time playing. One of the biggest reasons I stopped was the disconnects, if you get disconnected you lose all your cargo. Which, is a bit disappointing if you're trying trade runs, slightly less so if you're mining. If you don't have the disposable income, but are still interested in the project. They have free fly weekends a couple times a year, its a great time to come in and check out the ships and stuff.
  14. I spent an hour or two sailing on harmony and ended up killing maybe 3-4 mobs. I did find a wild horse in the middle of the water though. So I lead that to shore and threw it in a creature cage. There is definitely something wrong, when I can go to Cadence* and their shores are littered with mobs (still haven't found any hell horses ) EDIT: Said Melody, meant Cadence. I have not yet traveled to Melody
  15. We just built our Cog and used this work around as well. I admit it was fun going on an adventure, but it would be nice if there were mobs near us too. I think before that I had killed maybe 4-5 mobs total.
  16. WMADD LatLng(277.088888, 550.5)=Qeynos Hills ;
  17. As I said in the other thread, I certainly appreciate the work he put into the map during release. But he hasn't even logged into the forums in a month. People come and go, but we definitely could use a new map. As a fairly new player it is not something I would like to tackle.
  18. I was wondering about this myself. I appreciate the work he has done, but would like an updated map at some point.