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  1. Wanting to get two short swords with life steal @ 70ql. Let me know if thats possible FoxFries in game or just COD it to me if you have em
  2. Blood Guard Knights 2081, 1494 The Ranch 2100, 1501 Aveeno's Boats 2109, 1483 Tanart's Place 2127, 1484 Bridgeport 2152, 1470
  3. Village of Tidus - We are recruiting! Who are we? We are currently a 40x47 deed located north of sonata around i18. We have a very large farm plot right next to us. We are also part of a growing alliance, we are currently at 8 deeds total. We are all really close in location and treat the alliance more like one huge village, we help each other out when possible so you will have plenty of opportunities to grow your skills by helping members of the alliance and the village! Currently I am the only member of the village, so there is plenty of space for you to set up a little homestead! Right now I am working on the central part of the village where most of our trade shops will be located along with the village castle I welcome new players and have plenty of stuff you can help out with so you can grind the skills you need to get basically anything done in the game! What do we need? ANYTHING. Whatever you wanna focus on, come do it. What do you get out of it? You get to join an awesome ACTIVE community that loves helping new players level up and learn the game. You won't have to grind every skill just to survive, focus on what YOU WANT to do. Access to an active discord channel where you can request resources or items made from our alliance members and stay in constant contact with other members of the alliance. Reply here, hit me up on discord (Taylor#1081) or message me in game (FoxFries) so we can see if your a good fit! ( please have a good sense of humor, we love to joke around )
  4. Heya! The village of Tidus looking for a couple of villagers to help out with the deed! We are a 40x47 (growing each month) deed with a very large farming plot right next to it. We are not a huge deed but you will have space to build a house and full use of any resources within the deed to level your skills up! As well as joining the village you will also be joining a fairly decent sized alliance consisting of 8 deeds. We treat the alliance as one big village and share resources and skill amongst the group, so you will have plenty of chances to grow your skills! All that I ask is that you help out with deed work that needs to be done and offer a hand to the alliance when they need it. Other than that, you are free to do what you want Please message FoxFries in game or reach out to me on discord Taylor#1081. I am on most of the day!
  5. Heya Thassadhar, I need to put in an order - 1 80ql leather cutting knife - 1 80ql awl - 1 80ql needle - 1 set of 70ql horse shoes COD to FoxFries
  6. Welcome to Tidus Village Farm! We are located on Cadence @ I17, just north of Sonata. We sell all crops and leatherworking services! Message FoxFries in game for more info! Below is a list of our services/prices/rough estimate of our inventory levels: Leatherworking (most items are per request) COD available: Item - Quality - Price ---------------------------- - Saddles - 40ql - 1.5s - Studded Sets - 40ql - 2s - Leather Sets - 40ql - 1.5s - Bridles 20c - Tool belts - 40ql - 70c ---------------------------- Crops - Delivery available for 1s (cadence) | 2s delivery fee for any other islands ** most bulk orders can be fulfilled within a week if we do not have the quantity desired in stock ** Item - Quality - Price - Inventory Level ---------------------------- - Pumpkins - ~30ql - 2c ea | 1.5s per 100 | 8s per 1k - 1500 in stock - Cabbage - ~30ql - 2c ea | 1.5s per 100 | 8s per 1k - 100 in stock - Potatoes - ~30ql - 1c ea | 75c per 100 | 4s per 1k - 100 in stock - Tomatoes - ~30ql - 1c ea | 75c per 100 | 4s per 1k - 100 in stock - Garlic - ~30ql - 1c ea | 75c per 100 | 4s per 1k - 100 in stock - Wheat - ~30ql- 1c ea | 75c per 100 | 4s per 1k - 100 in stock - Rye - 1c ea | 75c per 100 | 4s per 1k - 100 in stock - Other small weight veggies - .5c ea | 50c per 100 | 2s per 1k - various quantities