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  1. I am throwing in another 47.74ql Sapphire on top of the previus gem pile for the same prize. Updated offer: 8.26+9.31+21+20+20+44.23+40.29+20+20+19.19+20+45.48+7.39+38.24+45.06+39.29+27+31.97+29+46.19+20+20+47.74 = 639.64ql, 10s COD
  2. 8.26+9.31+21+20+20+44.23+40.29+20+20+19.19+20+45.48+7.39+38.24+45.06+39.29+27+31.97+29+46.19+20+20 = 591.9ql, 10s COD You can contact Darktides in game or msg me here if I am not on(Only the full bulk sale).