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  1. I think Secret Passage Ways should be an in game feature! This would be so easy to do, just make a setting for any wall, window, etc (not doors, obviously) to become a secret passage way. When the setting is turned on, said wall etc will be able to be passed through after it swivels on a center axis. It will then time out after say 20 seconds and close again. It could require Permissions to use it or even see that it is there. Then you could build secret society rooms for Religious Sermons, or have hidden places where you store your most precious valuables! You could also make a skill in lock picking to detect hidden doors!
  2. The most difficult part about game map exploration is, as soon as you move several squares away, you no longer have orientation because landmarks are not shown on the map in game. Obviously Medieval times didn't have GPS devices. But, they did have quills and paper and map makers. I think it would greatly improve the overall experience of the game if there was a Mapmaker skill. The player could create their own map. It would start out looking like the main map already in game. But as they explore, they could be noting on the map where additional landmarks are as they discover them. Essentially how it could work is like this: A player would first acquire a Quill Pen, and a MapPage (container). A quill could be crafted with: *A carving knife *Feather or Reed (note: it wouldn't be usable until it was filled with ink) An ink bottle might be crafted with: silver lump Small anvil Hammer or Tin Lump Small anvil Hammer Ink would be crafted with: *charcoal (cooking wood in a furnace like you would a lump until it turns to coal) *1 Egg *Honey A Quill Pen could be crafted with: Quill Ink A MapPage would be crafted with: Wood Scraps Water Furnace Frying pan They would then be able to activate Quill Pen and use it on the MapPage. A successful attempt would cause A prompt to open asking for a map notation for the square they are standing on. I suggest limiting the notation to about say 20 letter spaces. This would then drop an item(Notation) in the MapPage container which specifies the note and square coordinates. Right clicking the MapPage in inventory would have an option to view map. Once selected the world map could be displayed with all previously created notations displayed on a grid overlay, pulling the data from each Notation item in the MapPage container. Thanks for reading! If you like this idea and want to support it, leave a comment!
  3. There are many points in the game where the avatars lack of movement can feel wooden and unnatural. For the sake of atmosphere, I would find it extremely rewarding to be able to do any number of the following: (please note as a new player I realize some of these may already be possible) * sit on the ground *lay on the ground *lay in beds when sleeping *hug other players *shake hands with other players *crouch on ground *kneel on ground *take a knee on ground *bow *dance a medieval dance *fold arms *hands on hips *tap foot Might be nice to have a panel pop up with a stop button so that each action can be held in a static animation until the player chooses to stop.
  4. I like the idea of barrels catching rain water as well. I would say that rain water could also have special health bonuses (perhaps decreasing the rate at which one's thirst diminishes over time for a period of time related to rain water QL? with rain water QL affected by the QL of the container used to collect it?), or that rain increases crop growth by a small percentage if it doesn't already.