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  1. hello there Alder,


    I am writing to let you know that the crafting assistant doesn't update for sewing needles. It just continues showing the last Imping tool. The tool in question is called "needle, iron" I don't know if all needle types are affected, but the iron one I have does not update the display. I am using windows 10 in the Live Wurm client. If you need any more info feel free to message me of course. Thanks for such an awesome program. :D


    (Please note: I am not computer technically savvy. I wasn't sure all the info you needed about my computer etc. If you need more info about my computer, please let me know where to find it for you and I will be happy to give you extra info. :) )

    1. Leora


      I just had it do it to me with a pelt while trying to imp a steel knife. The behavior is consistent with the steel knife. But I haven't had trouble with the pelt not being recognized with any other object yet. It makes me want to note that the needle is never recognized no matter what item I am improving.


      I hope this info is helpful.

    2. Leora


      I also observed that the text does not always fit in the text window on the widget. I can usually figure out what improving tool it is referring to, but it is yet cut off on the end. This happens with titles like a whetstone or a leather knife, etc.

  2. Hi there: I would like to purchase a good quality dioptra and range pole set. I prefer at least rare objects but it's not required. I also would like them to be enchanted. Please name your price but make it fair trade. Thank you!
  3. Good ideas Drayka! I see your point about the necklaces Finn. I agree they should have some more functionality. hm. I will think about that, maybe I can think of useful things for jewelry that makes Wurmy sense too. I would have to familiarize myself with what they are already capable of though. I haven't much experience with them in game. The first thing that comes to mind is charms. I would think if you made a beaded necklace, perhaps it could improve your prayer efficiency? Such a necklace could be made to match your deity. So that when you pray and wear the right necklace at the same time it improves your prayers in some way. Another necklace idea would be a friendship chain. When inspected it would show others who your best friend is. But that wouldn't have any in game value except as a novelty. Another possibility is that the necklaces act as a small container to hold things like sleeping powder or poison with a decay rate comparable to a backpack. hm... nothing else comes to mind. Should I post any of those in a new thread.
  4. Hi there! My suggestion today is to create a method for assigning each skill tracker to a set of tools so that skill tracker will automatically load when you use that tool. The rules would be you can only assign each tool to 1 tracker. When a tool that has an assignment is used, it checks for the associated skill tracker is currently active. If not, it replaces the current skill tracker with the assigned one. The reason the using of the tool should be the trigger is so the player don't force a trigger every time they activate a tool not assigned to a skill tracker. Each Skill Tracker should be allowed to have multiple tools assigned to it. That way when you use a shovel, rake, or scythe, for example, your skill tracker you have named "farming" will start displaying. Or, your hammer, saw, and carving knife could activate your Carpentry Skill tracker, etc. This feature would be optional. To assign a tool, the player would simply activate the tool and right click on the title of the skill tracker in the skill tracker window, then click a button that says something like, "assign tool" Or "assign [tool] to the [skill tracker]" Where [tool] displays as the currently activated tool and [skill tracker] displays the currently activated skill tracker. The second option would be to remove the tool from the skill tracker. Anyone else think this would be useful?
  5. I suggest the ability to create a lucky Horse shoe. All that is required is to tie a string to it. Then it can be worn in the hip slot to increase the chance of a successful tick. The advantage of the boost can be determined by quality of the horse shoe. You can even require that lucky horse shoes be made of only certain types of metal. Of course the horse shoe won't be lucky any more if tampered with so it can not be improved once you have created it. Only the horse shoe without the string can be improved. Eventually normal decay will destroy your lucky horse shoe. I think it should also be able to be used as a decoration. Even mountable on a wall. But I'm not even sure wall decorations are even possible in Wurm right now... I haven't seen any yet in my game play anyhow. If they are possible let me in on that!
  6. Hello fellow wurmpedia editors! You may already have an option for this, but I hadn't seen anything posted directly so here it is. These are a few links to pages that can help you create Colorblind friendly images! See below for a link to a tool to check your images for colorblindness verification. Below is a helpful image that basically shows you how each color compares depending on what colorblind version a person has. The RBG numbers are provided below for each normal color number. This diagram does not show all possible color blindness afflictions. Now that you have a good understanding of how colors change with blindness, here is a tool that will help you verify that your images are able to be seen with EACH variation of color blindness: https://www.color-blindness.com/coblis-color-blindness-simulator/ Simply browse for your image with the browse button and then click each blindness variant to see if your image is clear in each. If you have any questions or need someone to help you alter your image please send me a message.
  7. Let me first start by saying, "I LOVE Wurm Assistant!" I am always using it. Thank you for this add-on and keep it going. Ok, that said, I think I might have found a little bug. I wasn't sure if here was a good place to post for it, let me know if you want me to move this post elsewhere. The bug is simple. When I am IMPing, I use the crafting assistant. But, when the next IMP tool is a needle, the Crafting assistant does not change to "needle". I am sure there are plenty of others that may not be programmed in yet, but this is the one I notice a lot so figured I would give you a heads up on it. Love your work! Thanks for all you do!
  8. OS X El Capitan V: 10.11.6 Early 2008 Processor 2.8 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo Mem: 2 GB 800 Mhz DDR2 SDRAM Graphics ATI Radeon HD 2600 Pro 256 MB greetings! I am writing this post after acquiring a used iMac. Firstly, I know this thing needs a Memory upgrade. I will be upgrading to it's max of 4 Gigs. I am hoping that will help, though it isn't much of an improvement. When I downloaded WO onto it I quickly discovered issues with the graphics as follows: The compass wouldn't stop spinning even when I waited for several minutes. Upon moving any great distance, the ground level would raise by about 10 dirt burying half of my fences and the base of all building walls and anything else at ground level. This fixes upon a restart and seems to only manifest again if I move around too much, but always comes back eventually, forcing me to restart. I setup a Graphics test profile dropping all settings to minimum levels, but every time I try to load the new profile, I still end up wearing the regular default Legacy profile. I try to load the new profile from inside the game but I don't believe it is working. And even after I save it, the default legacy profile still persists upon restarting. (I am closing the game through Quit, so it should be saving the profile settings from what I understand.) Perhaps if I could figure out how to make my test profile stick, this could at least make the game playable even with my measly 2Gs? The colors in game all look unnaturally vivid. Bright kelly green grass, burnt orange for wood floor texture, and my backpack looks like it is glowing hot. (my apologies, I couldn't figure out how to post an image example.) Of course, the last manifestation is that game play is choppy, making it difficult to navigate my avatar. The frame rate is distractedly slow. I will be getting that extra 2 gigs of Ram very soon. Hopefully that will be enough, but if anyone can help me figure out other issues I may be having? Do I need a new graphics card? Or is this used computer just a waste of my time? how might I fix this unnatural coloring in game. Colors on my iMac look perfect when not in game. Thanks for any assistance you can provide me. Hope to hear back soon.
  9. Here is an updated campfire photo. I can take another on grass when the winter is over. Just makes sense that a campfire is in nature. For some reason the wiki doesn't let me add images to my posts so here is a link. Winter Campfire
  10. Hay Bale

    I love the idea of having hey bales also, not only for feeding purposes, but as a sit-able item as well as decorative. this could also bleed into a type of land cover that gains animal husbandry instead of paving skill if you have a straw action: "drop on ground" when standing over dirt only that makes the dirt covered with a light smattering of straw. The animals could then use the straw for 'droppings' which could be harvested for fertilizer, which in turn could be used on crops to have slightly larger yields.
  11. I definitely agree this thatching thing needs to be higher on the priority list: As an artist, medieval reenactment actress, and avid role-player, I was very much looking forward to the experience of discovering what thatched roofing was available. In medieval times, thatching was considered an honored art form. Each thatcher would top their buildings with a stylized finish that served as that thatcher's trade mark. Obviously we can't do that in game. But, when I first saw the thatched roof texture I tried to overcome my deep disappointment by maxing out my graphics options and reload the game to figure out at what level the texture actually took on it's true form. The texture didn't change much, leaving me heartbroken that the roof was so amateurish. What was worse, it was the ONLY texture available for thatching. It's flat nature makes it look more like rock however, which is why it looks so nice for Ekcin's hut. My guess is, this texture has been around a while. But I agree, we need more thatch options,. That there is a thatch 'skill' leads me to believe that the Wurm developers are interested as well in creating more thatching options. Perhaps it was put on a back burner? But I encourage it to be brought to the forefront if this is the case because thatched roofing is an essential part of the medieval experience. I would add these features specifically: THREE different levels of thatch roof styles for building: The original thatch: skill 20+ An extruded version of the original (making it more shapely and three dimensional other than just a flat 1 polygon roof) skill 30+https://imgur.com/3qks 3. A stylized Expert thatch roof 50+ This last option could be accomplished simply by adding nice edging that extrudes out slightly: (I would like to add images to this post but each time I try it doesn't work: i.e. the link turns red and nothing happens. If anyone can help me fix this please feel free to message me in Wurm: Mesharette on Xan - Freedom Isles)
  12. I also would enjoy this as a new feature. Particularly because, after time passes, our need for the land changes. I add to this suggestion two more possible elements that might make it more viable for developers? 1) For PVP: there could be a tile count restriction, say a max of 5 tiles from it's original position if moving it far distances affects any level of game mechanics already established as desirable. This would allow them to gradually move the token farther over time if desired. 2) I definitely like the idea of the Bank Satellite option, you could also take it one step farther and add all accessible features available at the deed token such as viewing the deed map, etc. (the deed map could also be made to show both the original deed marker and any satellite ones.) Thanks for reading.
  13. I think Secret Passage Ways should be an in game feature! This would be so easy to do, just make a setting for any wall, window, etc (not doors, obviously) to become a secret passage way. When the setting is turned on, said wall etc will be able to be passed through after it swivels on a center axis. It will then time out after say 20 seconds and close again. It could require Permissions to use it or even see that it is there. Then you could build secret society rooms for Religious Sermons, or have hidden places where you store your most precious valuables! You could also make a skill in lock picking to detect hidden doors!
  14. The most difficult part about game map exploration is, as soon as you move several squares away, you no longer have orientation because landmarks are not shown on the map in game. Obviously Medieval times didn't have GPS devices. But, they did have quills and paper and map makers. I think it would greatly improve the overall experience of the game if there was a Mapmaker skill. The player could create their own map. It would start out looking like the main map already in game. But as they explore, they could be noting on the map where additional landmarks are as they discover them. Essentially how it could work is like this: A player would first acquire a Quill Pen, and a MapPage (container). A quill could be crafted with: *A carving knife *Feather or Reed (note: it wouldn't be usable until it was filled with ink) An ink bottle might be crafted with: silver lump Small anvil Hammer or Tin Lump Small anvil Hammer Ink would be crafted with: *charcoal (cooking wood in a furnace like you would a lump until it turns to coal) *1 Egg *Honey A Quill Pen could be crafted with: Quill Ink A MapPage would be crafted with: Wood Scraps Water Furnace Frying pan They would then be able to activate Quill Pen and use it on the MapPage. A successful attempt would cause A prompt to open asking for a map notation for the square they are standing on. I suggest limiting the notation to about say 20 letter spaces. This would then drop an item(Notation) in the MapPage container which specifies the note and square coordinates. Right clicking the MapPage in inventory would have an option to view map. Once selected the world map could be displayed with all previously created notations displayed on a grid overlay, pulling the data from each Notation item in the MapPage container. Thanks for reading! If you like this idea and want to support it, leave a comment!