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  1. Skin cannot be mailed. you can meet me on Celebration or mail your weapon and I will apply skin and mail it back to you. Skin preview in the upper right corner of the attached.
  2. Anyone know which deed it is near. Also, if it is near water? Thank you!
  3. I'd like to see a few different door options in Wurm. Currently, we are limited to the plain wooden doors or a portcullis, which is not solid. It would be nice to offer perhaps studded doors, metal doors, arched doors etc. Also, an option to dye just the door would be great. Below are some examples. Medieval style doors Castle doors
  4. well is there not a risk that a PVE player going to chaos will get killed or ambushed, as happened to my neighbor on Celeb?
  5. Flik, I'm so sad this happened to you. I'm newer than you but I'll miss our brief encounters and a chance to get to know my neighbor better. People suk, especially cowards behind screens.
  6. I would like to buy marble bricks. 1000-2000, depending on price. I'm on Celebration.
  7. #1 if you still have it, Thank you
  8. Hi, what a nice offer. I have a long sword already and studded leather armor. What else would you recommend to newer players? A small axe or short sword? I’m still working on fight skill (at almost 20 now).